Stuttering- Eliminate the “grasshoppers”.

I have already spoken about getting the right picture about yourself. Especially if you stutter. We always move towards the strongest picture in our minds. That’s a fact. So if your picture is one of people making fun of you and of you stuttering then that is what you gravitate towards. Change the negative picture at all costs. If change is to come then you need to eliminate the grasshoppers! I won’t lie about the work. It’s not easy. It requires you to be committed to the process. You will need to also deal with the negative beliefs that you have about stuttering. Some people believe that there is no cure for stuttering. How wrong they are. I am testimony that you can stop stuttering. It is possible.
Someone in regard to beliefs said that, it’s not a money or a weight problem that we have but a belief problem. For some of us we have a big belief problem. We need to examine our beliefs because if they are negative they drastically limit our potential and our progress. Lets get back to getting rid of the “grasshoppers”. You might be wondering what i mean by that. I got that statement after reading Numbers. There is a very interesting story in chapter thirteen. Let me give you a brief summary of the story. The Israelites have finally reached the promise land. But before they enter they scout out the promise land. They select twelve spies who are supposed to scout out the land and return with a report. Sure enough they go and bring back an evil report. Well ten of the twelve bring an evil report while two of the twelve bring back a good report. Anyway the ten spies are telling the Israelites what they have seen. So this is where i would like to pick up the story.

Numbers 13:33- There we saw the Nephilim [or giants], the sons of Anak, who come from the giants; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight.

This is the essence of “grasshopper” thinking. How do you think when everything is going well? It’s pretty ok to think correctly when things are smooth but what happens when the challenges come? What happens when people make fun of you and ridicule you? What happens to the way you think in that situation?
I was seeing progress as i was applying all i am teaching you now. The one area i was really struggling in was when people would say something bad about the way i stuttered. My thoughts would go awol. They would go really crazy. But i got that in check as i stopped bringing myself down.
Look at the last part of that verse. “we were in our sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight”.
When the ememy came we see how they really saw themselves. That is what trials and challenges do, they make it very clear how we see ourselves.
When the trials and challenges come you need to hold on to the right picture. Don’t let challenges that you face change how you see yourself. You need to fight to keep the right picture. Eliminate the “grasshoppers” at all costs.

The Israelites paid a heavy price because they didn’t hold on to the right picture. Because they listened to the ten spies negative report instead of Joshua and Caleb’s positive report they lost the promise land! So close yet so far. They lost their promise because they focused on the wrong thing.
Just something else to note: watch who you are allowing to shape the way you see. Choosing the right people will determine whether you succeed or fail in changing the way you see yourself. So with all that, i encourage you to eliminate the grasshoppers. Hold on to the positive picture dispite the challenges that come your way. Remember that it’s a fight to hold on to the right picture.
I really believe that you can stop stuttering. Change those negative beliefs. Create the new picture. See yourself as talking fluently.
And that is what it means to eliminate the grasshoppers!


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