A life Changing Principle.

I was facilitating a class this past week. I really enjoyed it because the course I am facilitaing is something that I love deeply. It has changed the way I see life and the way i perform as a person. There is a principle that I want to share with you that changed my life. It can change your life as well. The LIFE CHANGING PRINCIPLE IS:
Your belief determines your performance.
What do you believe about yourself? Do you the beliefs you hold about yourself limit you or catapult you forward boldly and confidently?
The beliefs you hold are critical to your growth as a person. e.g If there is a boy who is a prodigy but believes he is stupid, that boy is going to perform at the level of his belief, not at his potential. He may have the all the potential in the world but it will count for nothing if he doesn’t change his belief about himself. See how important your belief is.
I will expound more about beliefs in future posts. But this is enough for now. Examine your beliefs. In posts to come I will be teach you an easy way to change your beliefs.
And that is THE LIFE CHANGING PRINCIPLE that has played a very key role in change in who I am.


The Cure to Laziness.

Laziness can kill your dreams. It is something that needs to be eradicated at all costs. I have been struggling with laziness my entire life. But there came a time when i realised how dangerous it could be. And God continues to help me in this area.
Let us go to Proverbs 13:4 which says:
No matter how much a lazy person may want something, he will never get it.

This scripture has really been ministering to me. I have my own company and it is so easy to be lazy. You are your own boss so you decide your own working hours. It has been quite a challenge i have to say. But reading this scripture brought things into perspective.
A lazy man may want a lot of things but will never get them.

You may have a lot of things you want to do but the one thing that will stop you is laziness. You may have all the potential in the world but it will count for nothing if you are lazy! It is a harsh but true reality.
There are a lot of things i want to accomplish but if i am lazy i won’t get them.
Laziness is a disease which eats at productivity.
What is the cure then? What can we do to be free from laziness?
For the answer we need to look at the last part of Proverbs 13:4 which says, “A hard worker will get everything he wants.

Wow right! A hard worker will get EVERYTHING he wants!!! That is what the Word of God says.
The cure for laziness is hard work. I can see people wince at that statement. But it is something that needs to be done if you want results.
The thing you need to do now is look at what your attitude is toward hard work. My mentor taught me that attitude is really about where you lean towards. If you are leaning towards something then your attitude is positive. If you are leaning away from something then your attitude is said to be negative. Do you lean towards hard work or lean away from it? Is hard work something you love and appreciate despite the phyisical aspect of it or is it something you run away from?
Hard work should be something we value highly if we are to see results. It needs to be a culture trait that we have adapted. Things begin to happen when we are hard working and diligent.
So let us make it our goal to be hardworking and diligent in all that we do.
There is a promise for us if we decide to be hardworking –
In all labour there is profit, but idle talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23
In ALL labour there is profit. You will not work at something with your hands and not get something. There will profit as long as you work hard. That is a promise.


The truth about the past.

The past has the potential to destroy your future if you let it. But this does not apply to everyone. Not everyone grew up in an abusive,broken, home. There are a lot of people who grew up in a loving caring home. Those people are really blessed.
If your past has been dark then read on. If your past has been great then read on as well. You might get something you can pass on.

My past was not really great. The memories i have are mostly bad. And as i grew up and especially when i became a christian i was told to look forward and not look back to the past.
It was a really hard thing to do. Then a few years later i learnt about conditioning. And it made sense why it was hard. My mentor taught me that the way i saw my life was determined by the way i was conditioned as a child. When i speak of conditioning i am speaking about how you were spoken to and treated when you were a child.

How we were conditioned can not be taken lightly. Here i was as a grown man still struggling with thought patterns instilled as a child. I could not understand it. I was born again but still thinking small. I knew what God had called me to but still struggled with thoughts of insecurity. Why and how?
The past is the reason. The past cannot just be ignored. It needs to be dealt with.
I was taught that as humans we move towards the most dominate picture in our mind. So as a child the negative things that were said and did to me were the most dominate. But i was not taught how to change the picture. So i went through life having all the potential to be a new person but always reverting back to that negative picture that had been created when i was a child. Do you understand? What i am trying to show you, is that you have a picture in your mind of who you are. That picture was created by you according to how you were treated and how you were spoken to. Once you have that picture, everything is filtered through that it. A good example of this would be a boy who is a genius but has grown up being told he is stupid and useless. By the time he is a teenager his dominant picture is one of useless and stupid. He is last in his class. He never passes any of his tests. Why? He has the potential to do much better but because of the way he has been conditioned he cannot see the potential.
Ignoring the past in this case will not work. He will need to change the picture he has.

See how powerful the past is. You cannot just ignore it, it needs to be dealt with. People would tell me i was destined for great things but i was conditioned to see myself as dirt, as useless. And that is what i would revert back to. That is how the past affected me. If you going through the same thing know that there is a way out. That picture can change.

What you need to do is begin to change the picture that you have of yourself. First, take a look at yourself. Assess yourself. What is the most dominate picture? Is it positive or negative? Is it hindering you or pushing you forward?
Once you do that you need to create the picture you want with your words. Speak positively to yourself. Never talk down on yourself. Hang around people that encourage you and see greatness in you. Read books that strengthen you as a person. Invest in yourself.
This is a process. It takes time. But the results are worthwhile. Don’t let the past destroy your future. Turn around and deal with it. Ask for God’s help. He is more than willing to show you those things that you can’t see that are eating at you.

Your future is bright. You have so much potential in you. Do you see it? The time to change is now.


The real meaning of Easter.

It’s Easter and i am meditating on what God did for me. He sent His Son to die for me. I was living with an eternal death sentence but He saved me. He chose me and laid His life down so i could be free. This is what Easter is about.

At this time i can hear him shout out, “IT IS FINISHED”! Easter is a time of completion. It marked the time when Jesus Christ completed His mission.
He endured much so I could be free.
I was the one who was meant to die for my sins.
I was the one who did the wrong but instead Jesus Christ took my place! He took my place knowing full well what would happen. He knew He would be crucified. He knew He would be beaten and mocked. He knew He would be detested by people. He knew He would be whipped and beaten beyond recognition and yet He still died for you and me. He still took our place.
It is like an innocent man taking the place of someone on deathrow! That is unheard of! So we need to thank Jesus for what He has done.

But in this time a lot of people think Easter is about the Easter bunny and easter eggs and hot cross buns. But that is not it. Those things complement the meaning of Easter but they are not reason for Easter. The real reason behind Easter is Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God and He is calling you. He wants to have a relationship with you. All you need to do is accept Him into your life. Ask Him to come and live in your heart. It’s not too late for you. He loves you.

It’s ok to have easter eggs and it’s ok to eat hot cross buns but don’t miss the real meaning of Easter.
Easter is an amazing time. My desire is that you would come to know Him. And not just know about Him but to accept Him into your life. He is waiting for you to invite Him into your life.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will eat with him, and he [will eat] with Me. Revelation 3:20

That is what Jesus Christ is saying to you.

Happy Easter!


Something just as important as faith!

I was about to write a post on health when i was blessed with a book. A book about health. Before i share what i need to let me give you a brief run down of my life from a health perspective. In the past year i have been taught how my health plays a part in me accomplishing my destiny. If i am sick all the time how am i supposed to impact people. Being whole means that you are strong emotionally, physically, and spiritually. To ignore one aspect is very unwise.
Anyway, i have been taught to do my part by watching how i eat, excercise and a few more other things. As i have been doing these things i have been seeing the change in me. I have more energy, i have lost weight and it feels good. This past week i ran a 5km race. I thought i would struggle but i found it to be fun! As i am getting older i am getting fitter. That is the way it is supposed to be don’t you think?

Ok, let me get back to the book i was given. There is a concept i read that changed the way i view health and my body.
The author who is a Doctor is talking about priorities. As a christian there are a few priorities that are universal. These priorities are, God and then family. These are extremely important priorities in the life of a person. He continues by saying,

” My first reaction was to wonder why the pastor would put health in front of the two big treasures of the Christian world. I asked, Wow, why do you say it’s fitness before faith?
His answer changed my mind-set forever and hopefully it will change yours. He said, “Because I’m no good to God or my family if I’m sick or dead.”
That was a revelation for me that the effective life with God is more than just one component. To have Christian harmony, we have to look at the whole.
It’s really not a vertical order:
– Faith
– Family
– Fitness
– Mission, finance, etc.
It’s really horizontal. All of these are godly priorities, God should be in all of these things, and so require our full attention at the right time and place. ”

Wow right! Our health is important, very important.
We are no good to God and to our families and the world if we are sick or dead!
Let that sink in. I know it is a radical thought but it is one worth meditating on.
How much value have you placed on excercise? How much value have you placed on nutrition? Being healthy should be one of the highest priorities in your life.

As i finish i want to give you a few links that you can refer to. First things first, the book i quoted from is called, Winning My Race. For more information go to http://www.WinningMyRace.com.
For more help on being all that you can be from a health perspective go and Google Maximized Living and Dr Ben Lerner.
Also take a look at this website. Dr Cory who is also part of Maximized Living was very instrumental in making me change the way i viewed health. He is a very commited person and gives 1000% into helping people. This is his website – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-
The Dr Health Show

Remember that your fitness plays a vital part in you accomplishing your destiny. You are responsible for how you look after your body. It is a gift from God that needs to be seen as that, a gift.
As i pen off i want to leave you with a statement that sums up the meat of this post:

“Your relationship with God, your family, finances, mental health, and your purpose for living all suffer or are lost completely if your health fails and your life is out of balance.”