New Projects

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Hi friends.

I want to let you know I have started two new blogs.

During the lockdown period I have been reflecting a lot and getting clarity

on what I am supposed to be doing in this new season, hence the new blogs.

There are passions and desires God put on my heart but instead of diving in, I

started to get inside my own mind,

“That’s a lot of writing to do’

“Will I have the time?”

“Will I be able to juggle three blogs?”

“Do I have enough content to push out?”

Get the picture.

But the Lord kept nudging me and it got to a point where I was restless. All I thought

about were the projects I didn’t start. So one day I made the decision and started.

If any of the blogs interest you, visit and subscribe.

Here is a brief description of each blog.

1. The Writer’s Creative Space

I started this blog to chronicle my journey as an author. Since publishing my

book last year, I have been learning so much about self-publishing and I wanted

to share the lessons I have been learning and the mistakes I have made

in the hope to inspire, encourage and motivate others who are going through the same thing.

If that interests you, click here to subscribe or if you want to visit.

2. The Child-Friendly Blog

I am passionate about children and I have been serving in Children’s Ministry for over

fifteen years. I wanted to encourage parents who have kids, and the people who work with

children, which include teachers, and children’s church volunteers.

Jesus loves children and whenever He had the chance, He would make sure to connect

with them by laying hands on them and praying for them.

Children were not an after thought to Jesus. On the contrary, they were very important to

Him. So important that He used them as illustrations in his teachings.

So this blog in a way is celebrating children, celebrating and honoring parents and the

people who work with kids.

So If you want to be a part of that click over here and subscribe to the blog.

So with that I hope to see you on the other sites.

I will still be posting regularly on Kingspeech but I will also be posting on the other blogs.

This is a big step of faith for me, trusting in the Lord’s leading and I am excited!

God bless you friends!