To the “Like” Button

What has the ‘LIKE’ button done for our communication between one other?
Has it made it better or has it stolen something? Has it made us lazy? Has it given us a way out of being real with each other?
If you want the answers to these questions keep on reading this amazing post from a new friend!

That Space of Life Between

Thank you, “LIKE” button. I’m not forced anymore to write a comment to every good word I receive from kind people in the internet. You spare me from thinking what to say when someone shared inspiring and thought-provoking posts. You prove yourself as an effective tool in putting across sentiments in social media. The impression that you make is so powerful that when you’re put together, you create a shared narrative that humans understand very well. The simple statistics you present has now become the gauge of any shared content’s worth found in the internet. Because of your simple calculations, a candid photo may appear nothing compared to an over-filtered selfie that gained a hundred likes. Imagine how powerful you have become, you little button!

Because of, let’s say, the culture that you’ve created, some people crave for your number to affirm themselves. I know friends who feel bad when…

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