When you don’t know what to do…….


I have come to a realization! What I thought God had planned for me is not what God has for me!! I have been holding on to something I thought was from God but really originated from my own mind! This week I surrendered that plan to God which means I don’t know what God has for me in the next season of my life! I have nothing to fall back on. It’s all or nothing! It’s crazy because I felt secure because I had a plan. I was confident and had no fear. But everything has changed. It has all changed because of something a friend said to me a few days ago:

“The best position your heart can be in, is where you don’t know what to do!”

At first I was like, what????? But upon further meditation I realised how deep that statement was. It is in that position that we get on our knees and seek the Lord for answers and clarity!

It is in those times of “I don’t know” that God shows up!

We grow the most in those times because we are desperate for answers and direction.

“Desperation is a native language in heaven”……,.


The best example that comes to mind is found in 1 Samuel 1. We are introduced to a women named Hannah. She didn’t know what to do. The Lord had not given her a child and she was being ridiculed by her husband’s second wife Peninnah. How hard it must of being. Her pain drove her to tears constantly! What was she thinking? Did she have it altogether? I don’t think so. But in the midst of her pain, in the midst of “I don’t know” she sought the Lord and the Lord heard her!

Remember this:

The best position your heart can be in, is where you don’t know what to do!

If you know everything why would you need God???

If everything made sense all the time would you really need God???

If God showed you everything He had planned for you and I mean everything would you still seek Him???

I realised something, not knowing is not a bad thing. In fact if we are to grow in God we need MORE of those times! I am now in a place where I don’t know what to do or where my life is going but I know God is good and that is what matters. I trust Him to guide me! Even though I don’t know, He knows!

If you are confused about some things in your life, if you have no idea what the answer is to what you are going through then turn to Him! He allows us to have those times so we can seek Him and get deeper into Him! He is so good……..


P.S      Please pray for me as I will be traveling to Botswana tomorrow! I will be in Gabarone for a music tour with my church. We will be there for about five days. I truly believe God wants to show me something new and everytime I travel is an opportunity to see. So I want to see what He wants me to see. This is a time to get refreshed in His presence because I will be in a different place! Please pray I have a safe journey. And pray I will be impacted by being in Botswana! I would really appreciate your prayers!



26 thoughts on “When you don’t know what to do…….

  1. Praying for you and yes it’s those “have no idea what’s going on” times that He grabs us by the hand and will lead us. Have a safe trip and learn much. Blessings to you Rolain.

  2. This is an awesome post. I, too, am in a place where things I believed to be God’s plans turned out to be my own. Being in a place of “I don’t know what to do” makes us let go of our semblance of control and forces is to rely on God for every single thing. It is very humbling. But I can say that we also hear God more often and more clearly in those places.

    Thanks for an encouraging reminder that not knowing is not a bad thing. In fact, it is exactly where He wants us to be.

    • That is great to hear Lia!!!
      Thank God, in His love He shows us our faults. I am so so so grateful for that! His goal in all of this is that we trust Him more. I had to learn that!

      You are so right!!! It is in those times we hear Him more clearly! It is so hard to hear Him when we are in control.

      May God help us as we give Him control, complete control and be at peace that this is where He wants us to be!
      Thanks Lia…..😃


  3. Wow. This was so encouraging to read Rolain. I’m always so hard on myself when I don’t have my whole life all figured out and this year God has been teaching me to really trust Him in the unknown when I don’t know where He’s taking me next. It’s hard because I wish I knew what to prepare for, but God is already preparing us the way He sees fit whether we understand and see it or not. I’m glad that at the least I get to draw closer to Him during these times as I seek His guidance for the steps that I need to take next.

    I hope you enjoy your trip and that God will reveal Himself to you in a deeper way there. Be blessed!

    • Hey Anna!!

      “God is preparing us the way He sees fit whether we understand and see it or not”

      And that is why it is important we trust Him when we don’t know! His ways and thoughts are way higher than ours and He wants our total dependence!
      I can identify with you about wishing to know what to prepare for but God has it all under control. Getting to know Him more and getting deeper to Him is what is important here!
      I am praying for you as He directs your steps! 😃

  4. I agree with Sue and Anna, this will be a great opportunity to hear from God. Read the Psalms—they’re full of comfort during uncertainty. Blessings on your trip. What’s Botswana like?

    • Thank you Kelly! I will read the Psalms. My ears are open and ready to hear what God has to say!

      Botswana is amazing. The people are hungry for God. They are hospitable and friendly. I didn’t get to travel around too much because we were on a tight schedule but I liked what I saw. I would really love to go back!
      It’s very hot as well. If you haven’t been I would recommend it as a place to travel!

  5. I so agree with this Rolain. The truth of what your friend said speaks right to my heart. In a tough spot right now with work/the future and I am so glad that God is with me, right here, in my uncertainty. Praying for you too, that God would lead and guide you in upcoming weeks.

    • Hi Ali
      I praying for you as you are in a tough spot! Your future is clear and has been decided! He is with you indeed!
      And thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them so much!


  6. Brilliant! Great advice Rolain I can relate to this and god always opens the doors and guides us when we don’t know what to do and don’t have a plan. He always delivers, he just wants to see our faith as a demonstration! 🙂 god bless and safe journey. God be with you 😀

    • Thank you Manassa. I had a great trip! 😄
      I like what you said about God wanting to see our faith as a demonstration. I totally agree….In those times of “I don’t know” He wants to see our faith. Do we trust Him, or do we not. May we trust Him in all conditions!


  7. Bro, at first I really didn’t agree with all you said, but I totally het it..i am reminded of a verse in Proverbs 30, when the writer says this is his prayer- ” Grant me neither poverty nor riches, for if I have too much I may forget you and say “Who is the LORD?” or I may have too little and be forced to steal and thus dishonour Your Name, but let me have my daily bread.” Let this be our prayer! LORD help us to stay dependent on You for our lives! And have a blast in Bots bro, God bless. 🙂

    • Muffs dude!!
      I agree with your prayer. It’s so on point for this season. “May the Lord help us stay dependent on Him for our lives”!!!
      Without Him how can we know where we are going?? And thanks for sharing the scripture.

      Bots was crazy dude…..will fill you in soon!
      God bless you 😁

  8. Hello dear Rolain, you were right. We don’t have to know everything. Sometimes when we do not know what we have to do, it helps us to be more dependent on God. The most important is trust in Him.
    I believe you must be a blessing for people in Bostwana. Have a safe journey and ministry. Jesus bless you so much.
    Hm…by the way, do you have instagram account?

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