As the storm rages….!!


It has been a crazy week for me…..a week where I really needed God! I always need God but this week was really needed…….But God is good because He spoke to me. He spoke to me through a picture! Well, He spoke to me through a post which had a picture. The post was really deep. Check it our here. The author has a sad story but in the midst of that there is a message! I would encourage you to read her story here…..There is a messaqge for women and men alike!

Without wasting any more of your time here is the picture that spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you too…..  🙂





14 thoughts on “As the storm rages….!!

  1. Hi Rolain,

    Your picture does speak to me. Thank you.

    It speaks of steadfastness and inner resolve. It speaks of an inner compass which steers. But does the picture also signify changes wrought by external circumstances over which we lack control? So would that mean that what we cannot control or change, we need to make peace with that. So how do we make that peace?


    • Hi Shakti…
      Thanks for your comment. I love this picture because it perfectly illustrates what we go through and what God should be. The water you see does speak of the trials and things we can’t control. In life there are things that come that are beyond us and beyond our control but the tower is where we should be. The tower is God. The man in the tower looks like he is at peace. He looks like he is just an observer in the midst of a raging storm and that is what happens when we run to God.

      So coming to your question,
      We should make peace not because we don’t have any control but because we know God is on control and is stronger than what we face. We make that peace by understanding that only God knows, only God can turn things around, only God has the answers. Easier said than done. It’s a battle to trust in God but we fight that battle.

      Does that answer your question??


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