Is The Church Still Relevant Today?

I was led to ask this question when I traveled to Malaysia in November. I live in Zimbabwe, Africa and God is very much alive. You can speak freely about Christ without danger of being arrested. I believe we have been guarded from outside influences but when I went to Malaysia, a country that is not christian, I started questioning the relevance of the church. How can we as the church impact the world? We can’t just do church anymore. There are so many other gods you can serve. I remember being depressed in the first few days I was in Malaysia. It seemed like the voice of the church was non existent in this pagan country. I remember going to a restaurant and seeing a shrine. We saw a lot of temples and on one day when we were having church I heard the Muslim call for prayer. It was loud and it nearly drowned the voice of our pastor as he spoke!!!
So in the face of all this, is the church still relevant today?

As I was pondering on this question I got an opportunity to speak to one of the main pastors who was hosting us. I asked him this question and his answer challenged me so much. He told me how they rely on God to perform a miracle every Sunday or in every service. He told me, without the power of God showing up in the service it would be pointless. His faith in God shook me. He told me of miracles happening in the church and he told me how because of Christianity moving in power the government is watching the church. They try to intimidate the church but the church continues to grow.

Is the church still relevant in today’s age? The answer is yes! As we expect God to move and as we don’t become complacent we become more and more powerful. We cannot afford to become mediocre. What is the use of church if God doesn’t show up? What is the use of church if we are content with powerlessness????
What is the use of church if lives are not being changed????

It is time for us as the church to raise the standard. It time to take a stand. It is time to be radical. We need God more than ever. We cannot do it on our own. Jesus turned the world upside down because He trusted God.
There is hope. We are that hope. Let us take our place and turn this world upside down for Christ!!!!!!