Run to Him always……

“Be glad that you are His. 
Let those who ask the Lord for help be happy
Depend on the Lord and His strength. 
Always go to Him for help. “
Psalm 105:3, 4 (ICB)
This is something so easy to do but do we always do it?
Do we go to the Lord for help ALL the time?
I don’t. I catch myself at times striving in my own strength, worrying, fretting, and panicking.
I forget to go to Him always.
But the word is clear, “Always go to Him for help”
Don’t hesitate, ask Him for help. Even if you made the mistake, the wrong decision, go to Him
for help. He is our strength and able to help us in every situation we going through no matter
how difficult and complex.
“Some sat in gloom and darkness.
They were prisoners suffering in chains.
They had turned against the words of God.
They had refused the advice of God Most High.
So he broke their pride by hard work.
They stumbled, and no one helped.
In their misery they cried out to the Lord.
And he saved them from their troubles.
He brought them out of their gloom and darkness.
He broke their chains.”
Psalm 107
Psalm 107 is one of my favorite chapters in the bible. It shows us how merciful YAH is and
in the midst of our weaknesses and failings He extends grace to us and helps us.
Yes, we are weak, and yes we are going to make mistakes but don’t let guilt and condemnation
stop you from asking Him for help. The enemy is behind that. He wants you to keep silent.
He doesn’t want to see you delivered, freed and helped.
ACT ON IT  – The action point is simple today: Think about areas in your life you haven’t asked YAH for help
and cry out to Him. Ask Him for help right now!
Make sure you write down the things that come to mind so you can have a record of how YAH helped
you in difficult times.
If you can’t go to Him for help because you feel guilty and condemned then meditate on the following two
scriptures (there are so many more)
1. Romans 8:1
2. Psalm 103:8-12
And that is all I have to share with you today. He is our Helper!
Bless you friends.

Give God Something To Work With…

This is a continuation of a post I wrote entitled “Bringing obedience into perspective”
The issue of obedience keeps on surfacing so I would like to go deeper. In the post I mentioned I spoke about how God can work with our obedience. I shared from Acts 21:12 about how Paul was about to go to Rome and face imprisonment but I also showed you how he knew that even though it was going to be hard, he would rather be obedient because God could work through his obedience! He was not concerned about his life. He understood that through his obedience God could do mighty things. He understood that his obedience to God was the key.
That is what I was saying and more.
Lets move on.

Your obedience to God is so important. Jesus came to earth and was obedient till death. He could of just saved His life but instead He chose to be obedient even till death. He saw how by His obedience, the world would be saved! Through His obedience God could save the whole world. Being obedient is so important. God wants to do mighty works in the earth but He is looking for sons and daughters who will be obedient to Him no matter what. 
Do you understand that your obedience is exactly what God needs to do miracles.

I see our obedience like this, when we are obedient to God we are giving Him something to work with! Picture your obedience as play dough. The more you obey the more dough God gets so He can build, create and work on this earth and in your life!
Understand that your obedience to God is what allows Him to move in your life! We must desire to be obedient. That should be a goal.

My pastor gave an amazing revelation about obedience. When the Israelite s were in the desert God commanded them to collect Manna for the day and if they tried to keep any of it overnight it would rot, right. So why did the same Manna last two days on the Sabbath? Before the Sabbath they were told to collect enough for two days.
We learn that it was not about the Manna but it was about the Israelite s obedience to God. When they obeyed God the miraculous could happen no matter how impossible the situation seemed!

Obedience is a big thing for me. I want to be obedient to God even more no matter how hard it is.
Let us strive to be obedient to God. We are not forced to be obedient but it is a want to because we love God. That should be our attitude.