Who’s Story is This?

Who is this story really about? Is this life about what I am doing or is it about what God is doing through me? Is it about what you are doing and what you want or is it about the amazing things God is doing through you?? My life, our life should be about God. It should be God’s story! This story should not be about what I can do in my own strength but about what God is doing because I trust in Him completely!!!!

Rom 4:1-3 – says,” Abraham entered into what God was doing for him, and that was the turning point. He trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own.” (MSG)

Abraham trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own. God is not impressed with our masculinity and our show of strength! He hates it!!! He wants me to rely on HIS strength…..
There are times that I thought God was so impressed with my macho-ness but He was not.

The word says “Abraham entered into what God was doing for him and that was his turning point”.
Am I focused on what I am doing to make things right in my life or am I focused on what God is doing in my life because that is so much more important?!
This life is not about me but it is up to me. This life is about me trusting God in every single area of my life.
It is only by “trusting Him to do it” that gets me set right with God, and not on any other grounds!!

Another thing to note is in Rom 4:18 which says: When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis of what he saw he couldn’t do but on what God said he would do. (MSG)

Are we living our lives on the basis of things we see we can’t do instead of looking at the things God said He would do and is doing? Are we avoiding things in our lives because they seem to be out of our reach, too extravagant and impossible to attain instead of bringing those things to God and trusting Him to make a way??? Are we going around saying what we can have and what we can’t have because we are the ones judging what is attainable or not attainable instead of running after what God said we can have no matter how outrageous it is???!!!

The conclusion is this, “Abraham was declared fit before God because He trusted God to set him right!
He knew his life was God’s story and not about him!
There needs to be a mindset change. God is the One who is making me right. I don’t have the power to do that. God is first and I am second!!! God is in charge, not me. We are second and God is first!!! This is His story and not our story!!!!

God bless.