The Most Important Thing In The World…..

What is the most important thing in the world, after Christ that is? It is relationships. I have been taught relationships are one of the most important things in life. It was what I have lived by for most of my life. In the past two weeks I have had to say goodbye to two of my best friends. The last friend left on Friday. It was hard saying goodbye I have to say. The pain is always there. At times I think, what is the point of having relationships.  How do you see the relationships in your life? Do you know how important they are in your life? God has brought each and every person in your life for a reason. Don’t take them lightly. We need the relationships in our lives. Someone told me once that people leave because God wants to bring someone else to reveal another part of you. I don’t know how true that statement is but what I do know is that relationships are important. God is a relational God and we are created in His image. We need relationships. Being alone is not God’s plan. I have always asked myself why God allows people to leave. The friends I have now are not the friends I had 5 years ago and the friends I had 5 years ago are not the friends I had 10 years ago but through all of that transitioning I am who I am because of the people I have met and interacted with! I acknowledge the impact they have made in my life even though at times it has been hard to understand. This is me just ranting I guess…..I don’t want to take the people that are in my life for granted.God brought them to me for a reason. He cared so much for me that He blessed me with the people that I now call my friends!!!!  Let us not take for granted the relationships in our lives. They are precious….

God bless


Do You Know The Value Of A Relationship??

God is a giving God and in His spirit of giving He has blessed us with relationships. How do you view the relationships God has given you? God created relationships for a purpose. God is a relational God. He knows the importance of relationships. Without relationships we lose a very vital part of ourselves. We need relationships, we cannot do without them.
In the beginning when God created Adam everything was perfect. (Genesis 1:31)

He said everything was very good but notice what He says about Adam, “it is not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18).
It is interesting to me that God created man to have a relationship with Him but He said that Adam was alone!!!
God met with with Adam on a daily basis but He still created Eve!!?? Why? Did God make Adam with a defect??
No, He didn’t. He knew exactly what He was doing.

We were created to have a relationship with God and at the same time we were created for each other!!

With that in mind, how much value do you place on your relationships? I have been taught that relationships are very important. We should not take them for granted because they complete us. There is a reason that you know the people you know from the prominent to the not so prominent.
God brought those people into your life for a reason. You may not understand it but know that God has a plan.

The enemy will try anything to break the relationships in your life. He will use things like familiarity, pride, envy and so on to get in the way. Don’t let him take one of God’s most precious gifts to you, relationships and destroy it. Refuse to be familiar with the relationships God has given you. Stop comparing yourself to your friend. Stop looking down on the people you know that don’t have what you have. Stop envying the friends in your life who have more than you. How will you be there for them if you got all those negative things against them? How will God”s plan for your life and their lives come to pass if we have all these negative attitudes?

Remember, the enemy will try everything he can to destroy your relationships. He will even bring the wrong kind of people into your life to poison you, to tear you down, and to corrupt you.                         Understand that if relationships are vital to your growth then the wrong relationships can destroy you!!!

Let us be people who take the people God has put in our lives seriously. They are all important to your purpose even if you cannot see it. Let us honor God in our relationships. God bless.