In approximately 7 days I will be leaving for Australia. I will be gone

for two weeks. I hope I will be able to write when I am there.

I am going for a conference with my pastor. For more information

about the conference please click here. It would be so amazing

if I met you there!!!

But this post is about something deeper than going to Australia.

It will be my first time to visit and I am so excited. At the same

time I am blown away, I am amazed at how good God is.

I have no words honestly. God continues to bless me not because

I did something right but because of His unending, boundless,

grace. I stand here in awe knowing full well that I had nothing

to do with being blessed. I sin every day, I ignore God, I lash out

at God and the reward is blessing???


My testimony is, if God could do it for me then He can

certainly do it for you! I don’t deserve to be blessed the way

I have been blessed. I can’t make sense of any of this. It just

doesn’t make sense. A few months ago I was blessed with a car!

Can you imagine that? A friend wanted to see me after church so

I went and saw him. After speaking to him briefly he handed me

car keys! I was wrecked for weeks with no words

to say. I tried talking to God after that but no words came. I was

shell shocked for lack of a better word. And now, I am going to

Australia! I have no words……


God is surely the God of the impossible. If He can do it for me,

He can do it for you. I totally believe that. There is nothing special

about me. I am just someone God blessed. I know this is

just the beginning. I would be foolish to think this was it!

There is more, so much more and I am not talking about

material things.

What are you trusting God for?

Don’t stop praying, don’t stop believing. God will answer

your prayer.

He has amazing things in store for you, friend. You may think

You don’t deserve His blessing but that’s just it, none of us

deserve anything from God. We have sinned and the only thing

we deserve is death but He gives us life instead!

My prayer is that you will look at my life and be encouraged.

I am not showing off. I am hoping you will see the faithfulness

of God through my testimony.  He is the reason I am blessed.

I cannot give that credit to anyone else.

After everything that has happened I am encouraging you

to not shrink back, don’t give up on that thing you are

praying for. God hears your prayers.





The Secret of the Quiet Place.

We live in a very fast moving world. We also live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded by information. If it is not television, its radio. If it’s not radio it is internet and so on and so on. My point is this, it is very hard to be silent. It is extremely difficult to just have uninterupted times of silence! But this is the thing, we need times of silence. They need to be a vital part of our lives.

In those times we meet God. In those times we get to offload all the baggage we have acquired. In those times we get to strip ourselves before God and be open about what we are facing. In those times we cry out to God. In those times we get strengthened to face other greater challenges.
So without those times we are in trouble. How many of us take time to spend with God? We need those times to learn how to hear God. So if we don’t have quiet times how can we survive?

The main reason we need to have a quiet time with God is to meet with Him!
So where are you? Do you have those times when you are silent before God, where you allow Him to deal with your heart and where you allow Him to speak to you and refresh you? If not make a decision to have that time. It will change your life as you do it.
He is waiting for you.

Rolain. P

Does Your Attitude Stink? Part 2.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my post on attitudes. This is the conclusion. In my last post I said that attitudes are neither good or bad until you set a goal. And that is why we need goals in our lives. Goals are one of the ways we can detect negative attitudes.
What are you gravitating towards? Are you leaning towards the right things and leaning away from bad things?
When you lean away from things you block out information. So if you are leaning away from something that you are supposed to be leaning towards you are in trouble. Let me give you an example of what I mean:

I was applying to go for school in another country a few years back. I was excited about it. My attitude was positive. I was hard at work doing all I could to get ready until I was told that I needed to get injections. Not one but several! I hated injections. I was scared of them. So my attitude was negative. I never changed my attitude and things got worse. In the end I was willing to abandon going to school overseas because I had a bad attitude about injections! See how ridiculous that was. But thanks to God, He opened my eyes to the craziness of what I was doing. So I changed my attitude and got the injections I needed. And that is the danger of having a bad attitude. How many of you miss great opportunities because you have a bad attitude towards something you see in that opportunity?
The good news is, you can change your attitude. It is not too late.

Look and see what attitudes you have and test them. What are you leaning towards and leaning away from? Are your attitudes advancing you or are they hindering you?
Are they advancing you into what God has for you or are they blocking you from all the amazing things God has for you?
If you have a bad attitude about something that is essential to your life, you got two choices. You can either change the attitude or drop the goal? It is your choice. Remember, attitudes determine how far you go in life.