Holiness Is Deliberate…..

This was something God spoke to me about a few weeks ago. God is holy and He has called us to be holy. (1 Peter 2:9)  But what does being holy mean to you?
When I think of holiness I think of consecration. I think of being set apart. But this is the thing, a lot of people don’t understand about holiness. Holiness doesn’t just happen. It is a very deliberate thing. God strengthens us as we cry out to be holy but He doesn’t just make you holy with a click of a finger! Instead, He reveals areas of your life that you need to surrender to Him. He also asks you to give up things that He knows will defile you.

This is a partnership. I like the way someone illustrated this life we live. He said, we think God is looking at us with all of our sin and shaking His head but instead He wants to stand with us looking at our sin and discussing how it needs to be dealt with!

I like that illustration very much. Holiness is deliberate. Once we understand this principle we will live our lives very differently.
God understands how weak we are so He is not expecting us to do things in our own strength. Instead, we are to look to Him and cry out to Him for help. We need to get accountable, read the word, pray, fellowship but most importantly of all trust in the Lord and rely on His strength to help you be holy!

So as I end please remember, Holiness is deliberate!!!