Are You Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose?

One of my passions is helping people find what God has called them to do and I have been blessed to be around people who have the same desires. And because of that I am constantly being exposed to purpose which is really amazing for me. I am constantly being challenged on purpose. I see people walking in their God-given purpose and I get inspired. I would like to see you walk into your purpose if you are not already and prospering in it if you are.
I was preparing for a lesson I was meant to teach to some young people when I came across a section on purpose that really shook me. I had never seen purpose that way before. So I would like to share what I read.

Why was the vacuum cleaner created? Why does it exsist?
It was created to clean carpets right? Everyone knows that.
But get this, the purpose for the vacuum cleaner exsisted way before it was ever made!
Let me say that again – the purpose for the vacuum cleaner exsisted way before it was ever made!!
The need for clean carpets exsisted before it was ever made.
So when the vacuum is being used it is fulfilling it’s purpose. It is doing what is was created to do.

What about you? Like the vacuum God created you with a purpose. God wants and needs you to fulfill that purpose but will you do it? It is your call.

What if I switched off the vacuum cleaner? How would that affect the purpose of the vacuum cleaner? It wouldn’t change much. The need for a clean carpet would still exsist!
Even though the vacuum cleaner has the potential to fulfill it’s purpose it can’t because it’s off.
Are you doing the same thing with your purpose? Are you turned off where you are or are you on? The purpose you were created to solve will always be there until you decide to rise and fulfill it.
It is your choice.

Don’t stay off but be on for God. You have a purpose to fulfill on this earth. It is time to rise and take your place. Amen!


What is the cost of helping others?

I was reading my bible the other day when i came across a scripture. It’s not the first time i have read it, in fact it is one of my favourite scriptures. That scripture really ministered to me personally. It resonated deep within me. There is nothing better than scripture speaking to you. I am not talking about just reading your bible. What i am talking about is getting a “rhema” word. The word that speaks to your heart at the appropriate time. At a time when you need it. It feels like God is speaking to you directly. That word.
The scripture i am speaking to you about is in Psalms 54:4 and it says: Behold, God is my Helper and Ally; the Lord is my Upholder and is with them who uphold my life.

What a scripture right?! But on this day, i had come across this scripture and saw something i never saw before. I could not believe that i hadn’t seen it before but here it was jumping out at me. This is what i seen, “the Lord is my Upholder and is with them who uphold my life”.
The Lord is the One who holds me up but He also upholds them who uphold us. This last statement blew me away. God is also watching over those people that bless me and care for my well being. People who take the time to speak into my life and help me when i need help. He upholds those people as well.
So a question came to mind as i was reading that scripture. Are you upholding others? Do you place value on building other people because I do! God places value on upholding people.
This is what hit me about this scripture. I realised how i love recieving gifts. I take pride in gifts people have given me. But it shouldn’t stop there. God wants us to be a blessing. He wants to bless us but He wants us to desire being people who bless other people as well.

In Acts 20:35 we read: It is more blessed (makes one happier and more to be envied) to give than to recieve.
It is more blessed to give than to recieve. This is a value we need to learn to adapt more and more. I live in Africa, a land of boundless wealth which has not being tapped into because we have this “feed me” mentality! Like my Pastor asked, as a nation who have we given to? It’s always give, give and not “how can we bless other nations”!!! But we are going to get there someday. We are the people who are going to change that.

I have seen how i had adopted this same mentality. But that is changed now. God will uphold me as i uphold other people especially of the household of faith! If i concern myself with helping other people God is sure to help me. But a word of warning, don’t do this because you can get something. God can see your heart. Are you being motivated by love or a selfish ambition to be blessed? It has to be by love that we uphold other people. We need faith as well.

Where are you concerning helping other people? Remember, it’s more blessed to give than to recieve. God will uphold you when you uphold someone else. Have that as a value because God values helping people. Have a vision when it comes to blessing people. Make it big because as you do God will uphold you. Amen.