How destiny works.



“You drove out the nations with Your hand and it was Your power that gave [Israel] a home by rooting out the [heathen] peoples, but [Israel] You spread out.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭44:2‬ ‭AMP‬‬

As I read my bible this morning this scripture stood out. I

believe God has a destiny for each and everyone of us and

His desire is to see us walk in it.

God had a plan for Israel, His chosen people.


“It was Your power that gave [Israel] a home.” 


Israel did not get a home by their own strength. Their

enemies were much stronger then they were. They were slaves

and had nothing but God is the One who gave them a home!

By His power they were saved.

By His power they entered the promise land.


When it comes to God’s plan for you remember this:

It is by God’s power that you will accomplish it.

God’s plan for your life is not dependant on how smart you

are, how qualified you are, how strong you are, how savvy

you are. It depends ENTIRELY on His power!

It is by His power you will accomplish His plan for your



“For they got not the land [of Canaan] in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them; but Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your countenance [did it], because You were favorable toward and did delight in them.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭44:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬




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The Enemy’s Plan For Your Life…….

God has an amazing plan for you. I am hoping you know this but the enemy also knows God has an amazing plan for you! And his goal is to stop you because you accomplishing what God has for you means less effectiveness for him. One of the enemy’s plans is to get you to settle for less!! God has a grand and amazing future for us but the enemy tries to let us settle for less.
Look at what the enemy tried to do with Hezekiah and his people:

Do not listen to Hezekiah, for thus says the king of Assyria: Make your peace with me and come out to me; and eat every one from his own vine and every one from his own fig tree and drink every one the water of his own cistern,
until I come and take you away to a land like your own land, a land of grain and wine, a land of bread and vineyards.  Isa 36:16,17

There it is, did you see it? The enemy was going to take Israel away to a land LIKE their own land!!!! Is that crazy or what?! But we tend to do that at times.

Things get hard and difficult, we get confused and begin to doubt what God really said to us. In the midst of that we settle for less. We settle for good and not great but don’t fall for his trap. Don’t settle for second best. Settle in your mind and heart that God has reserved only the best for you!! No matter how difficult things get don’t believe the lie. Look to God. Trust Him because your future is in His hands!


Words & Hands…..

I love the book of Proverbs. It has some really practical but powerful advise. I would like to share a bit of what I got from the chapter I was reading.
Proverbs 12:14 says:

From the fruit of his words a man shall be satisfied with good, and the work of a man’s hands shall come back to him [as a harvest].

Here we have two principles that if applied will get you far in your life. The first part of the verse speaks about words. By YOUR words you will be satisfied with good! How are you speaking? Could you say you are been satisfied with good things? If not check what is coming out of your mouth!!

The next thing talks about what we do with our hands. Know that, whatever work you do will come back to you. What kind of work are you busy doing? Does it add to you and people around you or does it take away? Let us invest our time in doing things that will make an impact for good in the lives of other people and ourselves.


How do I get blessed?

I really believe God wants to bless us as sons and daughters of God. But I also believe we miss out on the full blessings because we don’t have a clear understanding of how God works. He loves us and His heart is to bless us. There is no doubting that. What I would like to share is one of the ways God blesses us. It has been a revelation to me and something I need to apply more and more in my life.

What is in your hands? God wants to bless you but you have not prepared your field. You have not dug trenches to contain what God has for you.
In the 2 Kings 3:9-20 we read about three kings going for war. But they get to a place where there is no water for the army and livestock. They ask God to help them and He tells them to dig trenches ( 2 Kings 3:16). When they dig the trenches God fills them with water. ( 2 Kings 3:20)
God wants to bless you but He wants you to dig trenches to accomadate the “water”. What are you doing with your hands? Sitting and waiting for God to bless you will not cut it. God requires you put action to your faith. The men had to have faith as they were digging. They had to trust in what God said. God has said some things to us. So we need to prepare for the things He has promised us.

The last example I am going to use is in the next chapter of the same book. 2 Kings 4:1-7 tells us about a woman who is about to lose her two sons because of debt. She goes to the man of God for help and again, he asks her what is in her hand!
Elisha said to her, What shall I do for you? Tell me, what have you [of sale value] in the house?
She said, Your handmaid has nothing in the house except a jar of oil. 2 Kings 4:2.
That jar of oil was enough for God to bless her. She needed to borrow more jars. But the fact is this. God needed her to have something in her hands. What is in your hands? The woman may of thought her jar was not enough but it was enough for God to do a miracle. It was enough for God to bless her.
And that is the principle I want you to see. God wants to bless you but He will use what is in your hands no matter how small you think it is.
If you don’t have anything in your hands then it is time to put your hands to something. It is time to prepare for the blessings God has for you. It is time to dig trenches.