I stood at the Cross…..


As I start I would like to share a statement that has been on my mind for the whole week. It has been something I have been meditating on and in a way it was God prepring me for Easter. I really believe Easter is a strong day for us and should not be taken lightly. A strong day where we can declare things, and refuse things, and affirm things and make decisions. This is the statement I have been meditating on, 

“The resurrection is our beacon of victory and hope”.
It really is. Anyway I was at church today. It was pretty quiet. Our Easter service is on Sunday and that is why there was no one at church. But at church we have a huge cross. I mean really huge. So I went and just sat there looking and meditating on it. Our cross has the nails and everything. It is a very powerful symbol. As I sat there a few things came to mind that I would like to share.
– The victory Christ experienced is the same victory He wants us to walk in.
– The Cross also signifies hope. When all was lost, when we were on deathrow,
He came and saved us. We have hope. No matter how bleak our situation may seem, there is hope for us.
There is no need to worry, or to be miserable because our lives are in His hands,
He has healed us
He has a plan and a destiny for us
His grace and mercy is always with us
He has forgiven us
He is guilding our every step
We are His children!
That is all I wanted to share with you. Happy Easter everyone and remember,
The Resurrection is our beacon of victory and hope!