Is The Picture Of Your Life This Clear?

In one of my previous posts I spoke about having a clear picture of your future. I explained that you need a clear picture because as human beings we are designed to gravitate towards the strongest picture in our minds.
With that in mind I would like to show you something that illustrates what I am saying so perfectly.
A few days ago I received an interesting email about how computers as we know them are coming to an end. They were speaking about a new age of computers like we have never imagined especially here in Africa where we are still lagging behind. After I watched the presentation I was in a state of shock at the vividness I seen.
Before I carry on, lets watch the clip and you will see what I am talking about……

Did you see that??? Look at how clear their picture is! It is so vivid. The picture has so much detail it feels like it’s a reality! You can taste it and smell it. Nothing has been left unturned from the colors to the kind of people using the computers to the architecture, to the clothes, to the emotions………
How did you feel when you watched it?

This is how our future should look like. We need to be able to smell and taste it. Can you see yourself enjoying yourself in whatever you are supposed to be doing? What does the environment look like where you stay? Where do you stay? What type of friends do you hang out with? What type of car do you drive and so on and so on!?

The point is this. You gravitate towards the strongest picture in your mind. Your job, my job is getting the picture God has for us crystal clear! It is possible.