Are You Holy or Common??

I was in a service where the Pastor was speaking about holiness. It was a very powerful word. One thing that caught my attention was when he said the opposite of holy is common! That really struck me. How many times do we treat ourselves as common? I have seen how this attitude has crept into the body of Christ. I also realized why the world is so unholy. They take what God calls holy and treat it as common! Take pornography for instance. God created sex so we could enjoy it in the context of marriage but pornography takes this amazing gift God has given us and twists it and perverts it and makes it common! The media has made sure they portray sex as common. What was considered as a “No Under 18″ movie in the  90’s is now probably “No Under 15 or 12”! Another thing pornography does is desecrate the body God gave us. People  do horrific things with their bodies all in the name of pornography and that is just one example! How do I know this because I was hooked on pornography and I have seen how they have totally destroyed God’s gift. They have made it common!!! This is just one example but there are a lot of areas in life where people treat things as common.
We are a Holy Nation, a Holy Priesthood and God has called us to holiness but every time we treat something as common we reject holiness! I know that is a hard saying but that is the truth. How many times have we treated our friends as common?? We don’t see them as we are supposed to see them but instead we see and treat them as common! I know in my life there are things I have treated as common. The call to holiness is a serious one. What are you treating as holy in your life? Do you treat yourself as common? People do that by talking down on themselves. They have only bad things to say about themselves but God created you and you are not common. You were made with a purpose. You are wonderfully  and fearfully made. How do you treat your kids? They are not common! God has amazing plans for them. Encourage them and bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. Men, how do you treat your wives? Women, how do you treat your husbands? Kids, how do you treat your parents? I could go on and on but I think you catch my drift!Where are you treating things as common? Who are you treating as common? Ask for God’s help. Let us be holy in 2013!