What You Need To Know If You Are Called.

I was listening to a pod cast by Christine Caine today and she was speaking about discerning the will of God in your life over your own will. It was a very insightful pod cast I must say. As she was speaking she made a statement that hit me.

She was speaking about how a lot of people have had words spoken over them. Those people are so busy trying to pursue what has been spoken over them but they are not faithful with what has been given to them now!


That was so deep because what God has planned for us is so amazing but in our own strength we cannot accomplish it. What we should be doing right now is to be faithful with what He has given us now until the word that God has spoken over us comes to pass. We need to be faithful with what God has placed in our hands now because as we are faithful with that He will bless us with our own, but how can God give you your own if you are not faithful with what He has placed In your hands???

So in conclusion I am agreeing with Christine Caine. We need to be faithful with what God has put in our hands. Another thing I want to clarify is, the call of God on your life is so important. Don’t despise it or think it wrong to follow it. As you bring it to God and wait and trust, you must also be faithful with what He has placed in your hands!!!!

Before Jesus went into ministry He was under the authority of His parents. Luke 2:51 says,


And He went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them; but His mother kept all these things in her heart.

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.


Did you read that? Jesus didn’t abandon His parents to accomplish the call of God on His life. Instead, He submitted to them being faithful with what was put in His hands and in the meantime His mother pondered all the things that had happened in her heart!!!!!

That is what we need to do as well. As we have been given words of prophecy, we need to ponder them in our hearts but at the same time be faithful with what is in our hands…..

God will bring what He has spoken over you to pass in the right time. Amen