Failing Jesus…..!

But again he denied it falsely and disowned Him. And after a short while, again the bystanders said to Peter, Really, you are one of them, for you are a Galilean and your dialect shows it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Then he commenced invoking a curse on himself [should he not be telling the truth] and swearing, I do not know the Man about Whom you are talking!  And at once for the second time a cock crowed. And Peter remembered how Jesus said to him, Before the cock crows twice, you will utterly deny Me [disclaiming all connection with Me] three times. And having put his thought upon it [and remembering], he broke down and wept aloud and lamented. Mark 14:70-72

We all know Peter’s story and we like to even reference him when we have really messed up but the truth of the matter is his story is an answer to a serious question. How do we as broken vessels serve a God who is perfect? And is there hope for us in our fallen state?                                                        Peter had denied the Lord! In the natural there couldn’t be another chance. In Peter’s eyes he had failed. There was no hope for him. But as we read on we see, there was hope. God gave Peter a second chance!

Like Peter we fail God not just once but on a daily basis!! We cannot escape sin. But know this, God has given you a second chance. Note I said “He has given you” and not He will give you! God has given you a second chance. God knew we would not be able to live up to His standard but He still gave us a destiny. He still loved us enough to give His Son for us….!

Whatever you have done know that God is merciful. He can erase any sin no matter how bad you think it is. He HAS erased your worst sin! Take courage and run to Him. He is the God of second chances and more!!!