An early gift for you!


Hey friends.


I have some great news for you.

For a limited time my devotional, Rise Above Fear will be available for free,

the digital copy that is.

So if you haven’t got a copy yet go ahead and download your copy and tell your friends, your family members,

people you don’t like….I mean everyone! 🙂


And once you are done with the devotional please give me an honest rating and review on Amazon.

I would really appreciate it.

The free promotion ends on the 17 of December 2020. 


Click here to get your copy.



Blessings to you friends!



7 thoughts on “An early gift for you!

    • Hi Julia.
      Thank you so much.
      I have prayed for you that God is ever present with you in all that you going through!

      And please rate it when you are finished and give it a review. That would be much appreciated.

      • Hi Rolain,
        You are so welcome. I’m planning to rate it and give a give once I’m done! I know how difficult it is to get your work out there, but I’m praying God will get your devotional in the hands of those who need it most at just the right time. He’s so good at that.

        And thank you for your prayers! I’m currently working on a book and have been given the opportunity to be published in a book next year. It’s been a lot of serious joy and also some fear. And thank you for reminding me of the verse in psalms 46. ☺️

        God bless you.

      • Hey Rolain, I’ve been reading your devotional this month- it’s been really making me think. I have a question about the reflection for the day I’m on. Could we email about it?

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