What the past teaches.

The past has not been easy. It’s been difficult and at the time it was hard to make sense of all that was

happening. But the past as difficult as it was revealed an important truth, a truth that helped me face

the storms and trials of today.


As crazy as the past has been I am still here. When I was going through it all with no idea of how things were

going to turn out God carried me through it. No matter how dark things got God always carried

me through and continues to.


The lesson is this; If God could deliver me back then, He will do it again today. 


Learn a lesson from the past. The Lord will be there for you as He was back then. Whatever storm you in

now, know that God will deliver you like He did before. Look at all the things He has brought you through

and be at peace knowing He will do it again and again.


Sometimes we go through some really intense times and think this is the time when our luck runs out but

listen to me, it won’t happen. God will never let you down no matter how many times the enemy tries to

destroy you.  he won’t win. And that’s the lesson the past teaches.

God will always be victorious. He will always bring you through the darkness.


Bless you, friends.



8 thoughts on “What the past teaches.

  1. Thank you I really needed to hear this truth. Sometimes we can be faced with a difficulty that can lead you to the fear that there is no way out, God will not be there for you this time. I needed the reminder that God is always with us, even in our darkness. In him is always Salvation. Despite what I see with my eyes, I choose to let faith speak louder. I look to my Saviour, he will not let me down.

    • You welcome! This is a lesson I have been learning as well. I am really glad you received encouragement to keep trusting God in the hard times.
      And yes, God is faithful and will not let us down no matter how bad things seem.
      Blessings to you!


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