He takes away shame….

“Later, Zechariah’s wife, Elizabeth, became pregnant. She did not go out of her house for five 

moths. Elizabeth said, “Look what the Lord has done for me! My people were ashamed of me, 

but now the Lord has taken away that shame.”

Luke 1:24, 25


I love this story for so many reasons. Elizabeth couldn’t have children and in her time people looked

down on her because of that. She didn’t decide to not have babies. She just couldn’t. It was out of her

control but I don’t think people understood that. They looked down on her because of it and that’s all

we need to know.


As I read this story it really spoke to me. As I look at my life there are a lot of things that haven’t

come to pass and sometimes it can be frustrating especially when it seems like the next person is

getting everything they prayed for and more. I have had to deal with people who thought there was

something wrong with me.  I have had to deal with the shame of unanswered prayers which is so

hard. Where do you even begin explaining why God hasn’t answered your prayers in a certain area??

There have even been times I thought God had forgotten about me because certain things had not

happened yet.


If you are in a similar situation as me then this story provides hope. Elizabeth was being ridiculed, and was

the talk of the town because she couldn’t have children but God did something amazing. He answered

her prayers and gave her a child. He took away her shame.


I believe God will take your shame, whatever it is. Just keep praying, keep trusting God. What you praying

and trusting God for will come to pass. Don’t lose heart. This is the thing, people will always talk. There

is nothing you can do about that but you can do something about your response. Don’t be discouraged

by other people’s words. God will fulfill what He promised no matter what the next person thinks. His

promises are never dependent on another persons opinions and ideas.

Maybe all your friends have gone to university but for one reason or the other you are still waiting to go,

God will answer your prayer.

You may still be single and the majority of your friends married. Just know that God knows exactly where

you are. Don’t panic or fret. He will answer your prayer.

Whatever it is, know that God will come through for you. He will take away your shame. Keep your eyes on Him!

Bless you friends.



4 thoughts on “He takes away shame….

  1. Wow Rolain, this is amazing! I realise from this that I too have suffered the ‘shame of unanswered prayers’ and even my own family who claim to be Christians have mocked me for waiting on God. Ironic really, considering if I gave them what they wanted and ran ahead of God, grabbing any old blessing, they would be the first ones to then feel the shame of my actions.

    Why oh why can’t we sons and daughters of Christ be more encouraging to those who are patiently waiting, rather than judging them for their lack? It is pride on our part for assuming that our blessings are from our own doing and therefore anybody who lacks what we have got is somehow at fault. Thanks for this reminder from the bible and thanks for explaining those hidden truths. Have a blessed day!

    • Hi Sharon.
      Thank you for your insights on this topic. It’s especially difficult when the attack and misunderstanding come from those who are close to you. And that makes it all the more imperative that we hold on to the Lord’s promise no matter what they say or think. In receiving the promise it’s the people around that benefit. So no matter what people say or think about where we are at the moment, God is still working and working in our lives!
      Bless you


  2. Voices of shame and rejection are persistent, but they get drowned when I turn my ears to the voice of God. His words carry so many promises, and I trust that God will fulfill them in His perfect time. Bless you Rolain!

    • You are so right Jayson. Only when we tune our ears to hear His voice is when we can deal with the rejection and shame. It’s when He speaks to us that we get the assurances we need, the peace we need, the strength to hold on longer for His word to come to pass.
      Thanks man.

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