It’s time to move…..

Life is constantly teaching us stuff and to grow we need to learn what we are being taught.

Unfortunately there is a lesson I had to relearn this year (this week to be more precise) that I ignored

last year. It’s so frustrating because the lesson had a financial cost. That really got me thinking though.

How many lessons have we ignored that keep coming back but we just don’t learn. For whatever reason

we make a decision to do nothing.

But YAH wants us to learn the lessons that come our way. Those lessons once learned will make us grow.


I am reminded of the Israelites. They too didn’t learn their lesson and because they didn’t, they had to go

round the same mountain.


“And the Lord spoke to me [Moses], saying, 

You have roamed around this mountain country long enough; turn northward.”

Deuteronomy 2:3


It’s time to stop going round the same mountain. It’s time we start learning the lessons we are supposed

to learn. I am tired of going round the same mountain. I want to grow, I want to move.

I don’t learn because it’s hard at times, or because of laziness and so on and so on….

But that needs to stop.

It’s time to move!


ACT ON IT – What lessons have you refused to learn because they are difficult? 

Ask the Lord to show you the most critical lesson you need to learn so you can grow.


Bless you friends






8 thoughts on “It’s time to move…..

  1. Yessss….it’s very important to have a teachable heart. I agree with you Rolain.
    Pray that God will give you strength and courage to say Yes! to His calling in your life!


  2. Thanks Rolain! This is so timely for me right now (actually was praying into that very verse and seeking direction). Our Father is so good to speak to us and confirm through one another. Thank you for how you listen and hear and share, it’s a huge blessing.

  3. Oh I could relate well to this post. Repeated mistakes are a sign that we have to reflect on the lessons that we should learn. Chances we are not learning.

    Recently, I realized an important lesson that I’ve missed for years. I spent so much time finding a ministry to devote my time and money, and was unsuccessful. Then, I realized that it was because I failed to do my first ministry – my family! My family should be my first ministry.

    • Hi Jayson.
      God in His patience doesn’t give up when we don’t get it but gives us the opportunity to learn the lesson again. Your lesson is an important one indeed. God be with you as you devote yourself to your family.
      Bless you


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