Ask the blogger: how did you get so many followers?

What are the keys to building a successful blog?
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I went out on a limb and contacted some of my greatest blogging idols to see if a few of them might like to lend us some of their wisdom in response to the one question we’re all thinking about: how the hell did you get so many followers?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d get many replies. Surely these bloggers (with their thousands of followers) are far too busy to answer the many questions, emails and comments they must get every day? Turns out I completely underestimated how LEGEN – wait for it… no really you have to wait for it… sorry just a little longer – DARY these bloggers really are. Because who would answer an email from a random quote-seeking newbie like me?

Legends. That’s who.

So instead of digesting, paraphrasing and regurgitating some of their responses to make the perfect introduction, I thought I’d move aside and let the bloggers do…

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2 thoughts on “Ask the blogger: how did you get so many followers?

  1. All so true! Good content, and building relationships through interacting at your place as well as showing genuine interests at other places. I like how many of the commenters mentioned they weren’t looking to get more followers–it just happened by being themselves.

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