Puzzles and life…..

For some of you that may not know, I work at my church’s

children’s ministry. I really love it there. It’s more than a job

to me. This is part of what I was created to do – working with


So today I had to sort out a few puzzles in preparation for Sunday.

To be honest, I was a bit worried about the puzzles.

Let me just say it’s being a “while” since I played with

traditional puzzles.

I was worried I had forgotten to assemble a puzzle.

I would never hear the end of the story if I failed to assemble

the puzzles…haha

Start I did and rocky it was. Panic started to set in!

Before I got carried away I spotted the pictures on the side of the


What a difference it made. Because of the pictures I

assembled all the pictures at once.


It was at that moment I realized how powerful a picture is!


Have you got a picture of where you want to go in life?

Are you holding up a picture of what you want your life to be

or are you on auto pilot at the moment, an anything goes attitude?

A picture makes all the difference!


And we are very fortunate because the Lord has pictures for us.

He has a plan and purpose for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11)

When you have a picture for your life you will not be easily

side tracked. You have purpose and are focused when you have

a picture.


And make sure the picture you have is one God gave you and

not what people have given you. People’s plans for you will always

fall short of what God has in store for you.


As I close I want to challenge you to seek the Lord for the

picture. He has amazing plans for your life so don’t go

through life without a picture in front of you.





7 thoughts on “Puzzles and life…..

  1. Very good Rolain. God certainly speaks to me in pictures and I have been dreaming with God and letting him show me what his plans are. So exciting when we let him lead as his thoughts are so much higher than ours and his vision for our life is way beyond anything we can comprehend. Be blessed my encouraging friend. Sarah 🙌🏼

    • Thank you Sarah.
      The one thing that drew me to your blog were the pictures that God would speak to you about. The words you shared through the pictures really blessed me and they still do. And yes, His thoughts and His vision for our lives are way higher and beyond anything we can ever comprehend!
      Bless you

      • That’s so encouraging Rolain. I love how God speaks to me and as I grow in my understanding of that I love to share it with others to encourage them and let them now that God speaks to them too.
        I really appreciate you my friend.

  2. Our eyes are often so caught in the pictures that other people are painting for us that we miss the even more beautiful picture that God has prepared for us. I love this reminder dear brother!

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