Learning a few important things in my season of singleness!


There are a lot of single people out there who are anxious,

depressed, fearful and a whole lot of other things about their


And there are a lot of single people who are not maximizing their

season of singleness but I want to address that today. As a single

person myself I know the struggle. There is so much we go

through but I want to tell you there is more…..

Singleness is not meant to be wasted on worrying about who

we are going to marry. There is so much more to singleness

than that. God knows who you will marry. You can trust Him

friends. He has got this!


If singleness is not supposed to be spent worrying about who we

are to marry then what is it for??

After all, singleness like marriage was created by God.


Singleness is a great time to work on you!

Don’t wait till you get married to work on yourself. Start now!


Have you got a vision for your life?

Is your relationship with God where you want it to be be?

Are you living a life of purity in thought and deed?


Do you have a vision for your life?

If not, this is the time to seek the Lord.

Men, this falls on you more because one day you will lead your

family. How can you lead if you have no vision for your life?

Having a vision for your life is not a one day gig. It takes time,

it takes patience, it takes being faithful with what God has put

in your hands, it takes faith, it takes getting on your knees

and seeking the Lord, it takes sacrifice.


How can we paint singleness as this boring stale season when

there is so much to learn, so much potential to grow, so much

discovering! Everything that comes from God is good so how can

singleness be bad??


Singleness has its challenges but so does marriage.


Is your relationship with God where you want it to be? 

Seek the Lord with everything within you in your singleness!

Chase after God when you single! Seek Him, pursue Him!

This is the time you discover who you are in God.

Your identity and worth should be in God alone and not a man or


A man dear sister will not complete you.

A woman dear brother will not complete you.

God is the only one that makes you whole. He is the one

who will complete you.

In your singleness learn this truth.

Rely on the Lord, run to Him, trust Him!


Are you living a life of purity in thought and deed?

What a challenge this is. But it’s a challenge to accept!

The world has made it crystal clear that there is no place

in it for purity!

It’s no longer honorable to be a virgin

People look at you funny if you haven’t dated

If you are dating it’s not cool to be with one person!

Kiss whoever you want, have sex with whoever you want, watch

whatever you want, think however you want, it’s

cool says the world. Do what you feel, it’s your life!


But that’s not God’s standard. He says if we even think

lustfully, we have sinned.

As He is is holy we must be holy. (He wasn’t suggesting, He was


Treat the young girls like your sisters and the older women

like your mothers!

The standard is high friends!

Like vision, living a life of purity is not a one day gig.

It is a life time thing.

It’s never too late to live a life of purity. When you fall keep

getting back up. I will admit the fight has become more intense,

more brutal. But we have to keep fighting to live a pure life.

I have fallen numerous times but I keep getting up.

Let’s live a life of purity in our singleness.


By now, I hope you are beginning to see how important your

season of singleness is.

It’s an exciting time of discovering who you are in God,

hearing from God, engaging the enemy, learning

new things.

Life doesn’t start when you get married, it starts now when

you are single.


We need God in our singleness. We need God in our marriages!

We need God period!


You have a decision to make for those of you who are


You can make a decision to have the best time of your life

in your singleness or you can remain worried and stressed about

something God has already dealt with. He has got this!

He knows exactly who you are going to marry.

Bring your anxiety to Him. Let Him carry your burdens.

There is so much more we need to be doing now in this


What will you decide??

God bless you friends



15 thoughts on “Learning a few important things in my season of singleness!

  1. So much here! One point that resonates with me is how being single really is a blessing as there is nothing dividing our attention. Once we begin to understand what it really means to be complete in Christ, and we begin to really be that way, we can’t question if our security is coming from a partner as there is no partner! I’m also learning to trust that what I’m doing now, God knows I will do it better on my own. So, yes, live my life right now! If a time ever comes when He brings a partner in my life, I trust it will be because He’s got something for both of us to do that can only be completed by being together.

    • Amen Lynn.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think being secure in who we are in Christ is so important. That’s the true definition of being single (whole, complete, one)
      Bless you


  2. This is an excellent post, Rolain! I know that being single is hard, especially when you are seeking to maintain purity. But you are right, singleness is the best time to grow, work on yourself, pursue the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. God knows our frame that we are dust. We can lay our desires at his feet and keep living to please him, and he will give you the desire of your heart.

    Great post. I will share on my Facebook page.

    • HI Barbara.
      Sorry for such a late reply!! I thought I replied you but just realized I hadn’t 😳
      Thank you for sharing this post on your Facebook page. Bless you.

  3. Amen and Amen!! This is a great challenge Rolain! “Life doesn’t start when you’re married…” -love that! It’s really hard to explain this to people in my life right now who don’t expect me to be content and joyful in this season of singleness. But it’s been the best time of my life and I thank the Lord for the freedom to serve now and the strengthening of my relationship with Him.

    • Thanks Hannah!
      It’s about changing the way we view singleness from how we see it to how God sees it. He sees it as a season of tremendous blessing.
      It should be the norm to be at peace and content in our singleness.
      I love the mindset you have and the peace and the content-ness you have. That’s what it’s all about. That is such an encouragement Hannah. Bless you for focusing on Him and choosing not to confirm to the pressure of other people!

  4. Awesome post,How I have Found myself in God enjoying my season of singlenss been anxious Here and There but I have peace its amazing How you get to discover so much much Goshhh the transformation the longing for God,Loving what He loves and wanting what He wants for me,I can truely testify that am happily single,God Is good in due season I know He will provide that Good Man..May you continiue to embrace this season it’s really Beautiful and in time May the Lord lead you to that Good Woman

    • Thank you so much friend!
      It makes me so happy reading the joy you have in your singleness. That’s what it’s all about. I believe that is how God wants us to view our singleness, as a gift!
      And yes, God has the most amazing man out there for you, that’s not even a question! We just keep trusting and live in this amazing season He has given us! Bless you for sharing your thoughts!


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