What God expects today……

great things

“For it is like a man who was about to take a long journey,

and he called his servants together and entrusted them with

his property.

To one he gave five talents [probably about $5000], to another

two, to another one-to each in proportion to his own personal

ability. Then he departed and left the country. ”

Matthew 25:14


I shared this scripture because it illustrates perfectly where I am

at the moment. God has been speaking to me about the talents He

has given me. I haven’t been faithful with them I am sad to say.

I have been slacking for lack of a better word.

I haven’t been living to my full potential and I know it!


I was the man who was given the one talent who hid it in the

ground. But this is the thing, the only way to get to the five

is being faithful with the one talent!


I want you to think about something along the same line,


Is getting the five talents the main goal or is it being

faithful with however many talents you have?


They are both important but I think being faithful with the talents

you currently have is more important.


At the level you are at are you being faithful? (are you faithful


If you have one talent, are you being faithful?

Are you faithful with the two talents God has given you or

are you looking at the guy or girl with the five talents and

wishing you were them??


God wants us to be faithful with the talents He has given us.


For me, it means being faithful with this blog, being faithful with

my job, and being faithful in the areas of ministry I serve in (those

are my two talents metaphorically speaking).

God is looking at my faithfulness in those areas.

Getting the five talents is not the main goal.

Being faithful with the two is.


I am walking in His amazing purpose when I give 200%

into what He has given me to do now, no matter how small

it seems.


When increase, promotion and growth come (which always

do)  I will still be required to be faithful. God will still expect me

to bear fruit.

But it starts now. I should be bearing fruit with the two talents

I have right now. There will be no progress if I sit on my talent.

There will be no blessing in my life if I am not moving!


As I end here I would like you to think about a few things.

Are you faithful with the talents God has given you?

If not what can you do to change that?

Are you envious of other people who seem to have

more than you?


Bless you





8 thoughts on “What God expects today……

  1. I was having a conversation with someone on this very topic this afternoon, Rolain! Wow! It was such a God thing that you shared this. I’ve got much to pray through! I know there are ways that I could be more faithful too.

  2. My husband & I were talking about how Christians can sometimes be envious of one another’s testimony. I have experienced this myself when I was speaking about how the Lord delivered me from Islam and pointed me to Christ Jesus. A woman came up to me crying and said “I wish I had something big like that to share with others. I have been a Christian all my life & grew up in the Church.” For me, it’s the opposite – how wonderful to be a Christian all your life and to depend upon God to show you how to live – it’s what we pray for our children. May we listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice as He directs our path. May we be lights for the Kingdom with our 1, 2, or 10 talents. Thank you for sharing this truth!

    • Thank you for sharing that Mona. I would really love to hear how you were delivered from Islam! Have you written about it?

      And yes, I agree. As Christians we should be thankful for where we are and what God has given us. He directing us and leading us where we are at this time. We just need to be faithful with what He has put in our hands.
      Bless you….

  3. I sometimes imagine God speaking of me in Yoda’s words: “All his life has he looked away to the future, the horizon…never his mind on WHERE HE WAS. WHAT HE WAS DOING.” I dream of the future and forget to sprout where God has planted me. Time to knock that off.

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