A talk about singleness and the future….

singleness truth


I want to share a scripture that ministered to me recently.


“My soul languishes and grows faint for Your salvation, but I

hope in Your word.

My eyes fail, watching for [the fulfillment of] Your promise,

I say when will You comfort me?

For I have become like a bottle [a wineskin blackened and

shrieveled] in the smoke [in which it hangs], yet I do not forget

Your statutes.”

Psalm 119: 81-83


I really needed this scripture. I have been

thinking about my singleness and when God will bring the woman

He has for me. I have written about the times I tried to speed up

the process in my own time and how that didn’t work. I have also

written about the decision I made to wait on the Lord concerning

the one.

Waiting is not easy but the scripture I shared talks about how

we must hang on to His word even when we are at the end of

ourselves. Even when nothing is happening, we must hold on

to His word.


“My soul languishes and grows faint for Your salvation”

“My eyes fail, watching for [the fulfillment of] Your promise”

“For I have become like a bottle [a wineskin blackened and

shrieveled] in the smoke”


The author is fighting a battle. He is at war in the midst of the

wait. I will say it again, waiting is not easy.

He seems to be losing actually but……

Even when everything is going wrong around him, even though

his answer hasn’t been answered yet, even though there is no

evidence that suggests any kind of change in his situation,

his hope is in the Lord!


Reading that gave me hope. As I was thinking about all this I

realised something,


God has got my situation in control for sure and He is faithful.

But I have been letting marriage consume me

again and forgetting about the now. I have not been appreciative

of the season of singleness I am in now! It’s a gift….

If He wants me to be married I will be but right now I need

to be focusing on what He has for me right now.

I know that I know God is in full control of my life. He is

directing my every step and even though the wait is so

hard at times He wants me to trust Him for my future but


He doesn’t want the future to paralyse me in the present. If

it’s doing that then there is a problem.

God never intended the future to paralyse me in the

present. He has amazing things in store for me in the future but

He also has amazing things in store for me right now!


If you are single don’t fall into the same trap I fell into.

Understand God has got you. He knows all of your concerns

and fears. He has heard your prayers concerning the One.


Trust God for your future and trust Him in the now. He is in both

times! How amazing it will be when you get married but don’t

discount the season you are in now. God has got so much for you

in your season of singleness.

For a long time people have thought “singleness” and “in transit”

were the same but they were wrong. Singleness is not a sort of

“transit” as you get to the real destination (marriage).

He wants you to be blessed now as well as in the future.


So what am I saying?


Wait on the Lord. No matter how hard it gets, wait on Him.

Hold on to His word. Understand beyond a doubt that He has got

you. He has heard your prayer and He will bring to pass what

you are trusting Him for.

But don’t let the desire for marriage blind you from what God

is doing now. Don’t let it blind you from living 100% for God


Don’t let the fears and anxieties you have about the future

steal your joy now. Don’t let those things keep you in a state

of fear and hoplessness!

God will lead you to the person He has for you. That is not

even a question. Have faith and live!

Blessings to you…..













23 thoughts on “A talk about singleness and the future….

  1. Singleness does have a hard side. I was single for 6 years and have just got into my first real relationship. Only now do I completely understand the gift of singleness. It’s hard to see what a blessing it is when you’re in it though. Even writing blogs and inspiring people happens naturally and easily during singleness. As soon as you’re in a relationship, you’re consumed by the other person. I’m not saying it’s impossible to still do what you’re doing when you’re in a relationship, but it’s definitely easier when you’re single! I know God has somebody wonderful in store for you!!

    • Thanks for that insight Anna!
      May God guide you in your relationship!
      You are in an exciting season!! 🙂
      I will continue seeking His blessings in this season. I trust Him and He wants me to live the life He has for me now….
      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences….it really helped!
      And amen to your last statement…!!! 🙂
      Bless you


  2. “Trust God for your future and trust Him in the now. He is in both times!”

    He is truly omnipresent in whatever situation we are in. And our faith is something that we have to hold on to at all times. Very well expressed!

  3. This Page is Amazing and A Great Way to Walk with the Lord Daily.
    I’m Following it & We are Changing lives one by one.
    My Web/Blog is PositiveMindset2016.WordPress.Com

  4. It is so nice reading this message, so many are in a rush to be married who are single, that they even push those of us who are single to pursue relationships as the world does. I may live in this world but I do not have to do what those who are in the world do. I believe it is much better to wait for God than try to make something happen that will only harm me and my relationship with my Savior Jesus.

    • Hi Julie.
      So true….God makes us wait cause He loves and wants the best for us. We need to trust that and trust He is good and faithful.
      Thank you for sharing
      Bless you


  5. Single for 3 years and still counting! Ha! I bet I beat your record.
    It’s definitely not easy, but find the strength (for you it’s obviously the God) to endure the waiting and not to settle for anything less, or rather – wrong for you.

    • Beat my record??? I seriously doubt that….haha
      But I agree, it’s not easy waiting. Being the guy my friends are like, “dude pick a girl already”
      I wish it was that easy. I guess if I am not really aiming for the best then I could do that but I won’t….
      I don’t know about you but the outside voices from parents, friends and everyone else makes things…….interesting! 😄
      What do you do to endure in the waiting?

      • Oh, I bet that for some people it’s very easy, because I do believe a lot of them do simply – pick the girl.
        I’m just like you when it comes to that. So I don’t know if the problem is in us being too ‘picky’, complicating things too much, or do we really have more strength and patience to endure being single? Maybe a little bit of both 🙂
        And I hear you when it comes to those unnecessarily shared opinions from others. Being a girl is not easy either, because in my (very traditional) country, my greatest achievement would be to get married soon and have at least 5 kids before I’m 30. 🙂
        I try to learn, improve, concentrate on myself and all the blessings I already have in my life…. and have as much fun as possible while I don’t meet Mr. Perfect! 🙂
        Sorry for the long response! Haha!

      • Don’t worry about the long reply. You answered my question perfectly! So true about enjoying life instead of stressing yourself wondering when the right person is coming…
        Thanks again for sharing your wisdom. It’s good to know there are people out there who believe there is more….!! 😉
        It will be worth it in the end.

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