The desire of her heart……


I hope I find you all well. There is something on my heart

I would like to talk about. That something is the deep desires

God has put in our hearts. We all have desires, things we really


I believe we all have desires from God. There are some very

specific things He has put into our hearts which He wants

to bring to pass in our lives. They are real and not a figment

of our imagination.


I know I have deep desires in my heart. I may not be able

to articulate them but they are real. I can feel them!

The thing though is as the years have passed, something has

happened, life! A lot of life has happened and life at times

made me doubt the desires God put in my heart.

To this day there are people who keep telling me to abandon

the desires God has put in my heart. “That doesn’t make

sense” they tell me.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Why are you making things difficult for yourself”


Then there is dissapoinment. How much dissapoinment can a

person take? There have been desires that have not come

to pass. That has been confusing to say the least. Why

have a desire when it won’t come to pass??? It’s almost cruel.


But as time has passed I have grown in my relationship with God.

I understand He created me and I am unique.

I am not some object you can understand by

reading a manual! God designed me and He is the only

One who really knows me, He is the only One who really knows

the desires He has put in me and what I need to do is understand

He knows what He is doing. He will bring to pass the desires

He has put in my heart. If a desire has not come to pass, then

there is a reason. That goes for you too. You life is unique.

Your life is not a book someone reads and is done with in an hour!

Your desires are not one dimensional. There is so much more than

meets the eye.

It’s much more complex than that if you understand what I



I want to show you a scripture that stood out for me that will

help paint a picture of what I am trying to say.


“And he said to Gehazi his servant, Call this Shunammite.

When he had called her she stood before him. “

2 Kings 4: 12


There was a woman who would feed Elisha everytime he passed

by her house. She and her husband made him  a small chamber

so he could rest as he travelled. Elisha wanted to return her

kindness so he called her to ask what he could do

for her.


“And he said to Gehazi, Say now to her, You have been most

painstakingly and reverently concerned for us; what is to be

done for you? Would you like to be spoken for to the king or

to the commander of the army? She answered, I dwell among

my own people [they are sufficent]. “

2 Kings 4:13


In other words, she was okay and needed

nothing. But Elisha was not satisfied with her answer. So

he probed deeper and found out she had no child.


“Later Elisha said, What then is to be done for her?

Gehazi answered, She has no child and her husband is old. “

2 Kings 4:14


I really believe the woman wanted a child but couldn’t have

one. I also believe Gehazi was the one who spoke more

frequently to the woman and the husband. He was not

saying she had no child as a mere observation but I believe

she had tried and couldn’t have. It was a deep desire she

had which didn’t seem to come to pass. She had buried

it so deep that when asked what she wanted, it didn’t even

register. It must of been painful discovering she couldn’t

have children. So she did what most us do, she buried it deep

never to be unearthed.

I could be way off with that theory but bear me a little longer

as I show you why I think that was so.

Look at her response when Elisha told her she would have a



“Elisha said, At this season when the time comes round, you

shall embrace a son.

She said, No, my lord, you man of God, do not lie to your


But the woman conceived and bore a son at that season the

following year, as Elisha had said to her. “

2 Kings 4:16


If she had no desire at all and never thought about having

a child then the word spoken by the man of God would of been

good news! Instead, she reacted differently. It was like she

was saying, “don’t awaken hope again! I believed once but it

didn’t happen so please don’t lie to me. Just leave it alone. I ‘am

okay as I am. I don’t want my heart to be broken again.”


God granted the woman her deepest desire. That desire

she had buried deep. That desire that caused her pain.

He brought that desire to pass. That really encouraged me.

He will bring to pass the desires He puts in us.

If it hasn’t come to pass, He has a reason.

Trust God with the desires He has given you. He can be


Blessings to you all……



13 thoughts on “The desire of her heart……

  1. Hi Rolain! I feel so blessed by reading this just now as I finished writing about my shattered dream. Thank you for encouraging the readers that God always has a reason. And mostly, thank you for writing!

    Zephaniah 3:17, it might not be correlated, but this verse has blessed me. I hope it would bless you too!

    • Hey Melissa….
      I will go and read your latest post…..and thank you for sharing Zephaniah 3:17.
      I will also read that.
      Remember, God is in full control of your life!

  2. God is in control. Even it is hard to understand, He is, trust and believe.
    Thank you for this wonderful post. 🙂

    • Yes Julienne! He is definitely in control, complete control! I will continue trusting Him wih the deep desires He has put in me!
      And you welcome!
      Blessings to you….



  3. We have to be so, so, so careful with these things.

    On one hand, we’re the worst judges of what desires God has really initiated and what desires are just our own. The objectivity to separate them is so hard. And we need to guard our hearts against selfishness. The Christian life isn’t about our dreams; it’s about God’s.

    On the other hand, I refuse to let fear of a “no” inflate those concerns beyond what they should be (and we do that sometimes). God is immensely generous and cares about our hearts. And he DOES give us dreams.

    So…we are stuck. Stuck between hope and surrender. We should not give up either one, or our view of God is incomplete. Laying our desires at God’s feet without killing them is an excruciating exercise in balance and holiness, but it can be done. This is the tension in which we must live.

    Have a blessed day, Roland.

    • Thanks for sharing thoughts Brandon. I agree about being very careful with the desires in our hearts. There are desires we have and desires directly from God and it is hard to distinguish which is which. Personally I pursued desires I thought were God but turned out to be my own selfish desires.
      My desire for this post is that it will speak to the people who have buried desires from God that have not come to pass. People who after rejection and more rejection have given up on the desires God has put in their hearts. I pray they see that God is good and that He wants to fulfill their hearts desire. They don’t have to abandon them.

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