God silenced her voice…..

“But to Hannah he gave a double portion, for he loved Hannah,

but the Lord had given her no children.

[This embarrased and grieved Hannah] and her rival provoked

her greatly to vex her, because the Lord had left her childless.”

1 Samuel 1:5, 6


There are times I feel like Hannah. It seems like people

are getting on with life and here I am still waiting…….

They look and wonder then ask, dude???

What’s going on? Why haven’t you got that, why aren’t you where

we at? Is everthing okay? What’s wrong with you?

What about you? Do you ever feel like Hannah?


I wish I had the answer but I didn’t and that is what Hannah

felt like. She was embarrased and grieved. There was nothing

she could say…..the Lord had left her childless!

Off course there was a reason she was barren. God had a plan

for Hannah but it was hard for her to understand. Peninnah was her

oppressor. It’s hard to understand for all of us I guess. We need to

know that God is good! His plan for us is good no matter how hard

things get.

We hear a lot of Peninnah in the first chapter. She is in Hannah’s

face and in life we will have Peninnah’s. Peninnah was provoking

her out of jealousy. The people who are ridiculing you have their

reasons but don’t worry about them. There will always be

Peninnah’s in your life!


But then at the right time God came to her rescue.


“The family rose early the next morning, worshiped before

the Lord, and returned to their home in Ramah.

Elkanah knew Hannah his wife, and the Lord remembered her. “

1 Samuel 1:19


The Lord remembered Hannah!


Hannah may of thought God had forgotten her but it wasn’t

true. God was up to something. He had a plan for her life.

He remembered her and gave her her heart’s deepest desire!

God has not forgotten you friends. You are on His mind.

He will silence the Peninnah’s in your life by giving you

what you have asked for! No matter how long you have waited,

He remembers you.

We don’t hear of Peninnah after the Lord remembered Hannah.

We don’t hear her provokings, her ridicules, her words of hate.

God silenced her voice completely and that is His plan for you too.

It grieves Him when people speak against you.

His plan is to silence her voice in your life completely!


“Hannah prayed, and said, My heart exults and triumphs in

the Lord; my horn (my strength) is lifted up in the Lord.

My mouth is no longer silent, for it is opened wide over my

enemies, because I rejoice in Your salvation.”

1 Samuel 2:2


Peninnah had managed to silence Hannah’s voice. Hannah

had believed what Peninnah was saying. So she remained

silent BUT God made it possible for her to open her mouth!


The enemy’s goal is to shut you up always. He doesn’t want you

praising the Lord and giving Him the glory. Don’t let the

negative voices in your life silence you. Don’t believe what

they are saying becasue it’s just not true!

We will not deny Hannah was barren but it was never

meant to last. Peninnah underestimated the power of God

in Hannah’s life. Remember, the situation you are in will not

last forever. God will open your mouth again! You will praise Him,

you exult Him because of His salvation in your life…..


“Those who were full have hired themselves out for bread,

but those who were hungry have ceased to hunger. The barren

has borne seven, but she who has many children languishes

and is forlorn. “

1 Samuel 2:5


I believe this is a warning for all those who are proud and a

promise for those who will trust Him wholeheartedly.

Peninnah had children but that didn’t give her the right to

speak to Hannah like that. She got proud and in God’s eyes

that’s was unexceptable. God hates pride.

Pride affects us all but we must fight it. Even if I become a

preisdent, that should never be a reason to look down on anyone!

Humility says, ” I am not better than anyone, no matter

what position I hold, no matter what I own, no matter where

I come from.


“Those who were full have hired themselves out for bread,

but those who were hungry have ceased to hunger.”


Pride makes the full go out hiring themsleves out for bread.

There is no blessing found in pride.

But we know there is a blessing in being humble. So take

this warning seriously friends. Never get to a point where

you are too important for anyone. Never get to a place where

you are looking down on another person!

That’s a word for you and for me.


So after all is said and done remember,

God remembers you! He loves you and has a plan for you

no matter how hard things seem at the moment!


Be humble!


Blessings to you friends!




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16 thoughts on “God silenced her voice…..

  1. Great message & lessons my brother! Thank you very much for this.

    Indeed, God resists the proud and only knows them from a distance/afar off. We actually grow in grace when we operate out of humility. [James 4:6 … He gives more/greater grace to the humble…]

    Agree, all of us are prideful in one area or another. I pray that my life reflects the meekness and humility of Christ Jesus (who had every reason to be proud but wasn’t).

    And Thank God that He hasn’t forgotten me. This one spoke to me personally, as well. Something I’ve been praying about.

    Stay Blessed.

    • I love what you said about growing in grace when we operate out of humility. So true!
      May God help us as we desire to walk in humility all the days of our lives….
      We really need His help!
      Thank you for your sharing your thoughts…
      Blessings to you!


    • Thank you Cindy. I am great. Life has its ups and downs but I am not complaining cause God is faithful through it all……It’s just about running the race He has set for me!
      How are you and how is Hopenyc?

      • Yes definitely. God is using the ups and down for your good so it gets better. HopeNYC is doing great! We even have a brand new missions based coffee shop that I’m blogging for New Yorkers to try! But everything is going great. I’m even starting to Vlog now in my posts.

      • One thing that has always stood out to me about your church is how many things it does to reach people for Christ. It’s exciting and encouraging to see the Body keeping the main thing the main thing!
        I visited your other blog for young people. I love it….God is using you and your church in great ways! Will be looking forward to your vlogs. Have you posted any vlogs yet?

      • Yes & Praise God for that! We are just 7 years old & He’s done so much. It’s been the best 7 years of my life ever too! It hasn’t all been easy yet He made many things easy too. He has really changed me & used me over the years…. I was thought I was talentless, good at nothing & I often watched people excel in school and work but He brought out stuff I didn’t know I would be good at. He’s the one that caused me to study Graphic design, photography and creative writing in college, not knowing this blog would be in mind. I want people outside of the church to meet Jesus in HopeNYC. Time square or the Statue of Liberty isn’t the best thing in New York & no one can say I’m wrong because I actually lived here my whole life 🙂 Enough of me testifying lol How are things in your church? Especially the children’s ministry? BTW I have about 3 vlogs so far. They are on my wordpress (Which someone just blessed me with my own domain 🙂 I’m happy about that! And their on Youtube on this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEX77-h7BC1_GINKN5CjXGA/videos

        It’s called Sips of Hope. I will be blogging about the beverages and treats in our coffee shop and about more stuff Hope is doing. I haven’t explained the mission of the coffee shop yet but Its simply to help provide clean drinking water to children in Haiti, Guatemala, Trinidad & Jamacia. I want people in New York to come over and try the treats! Its such a unique coffee shop filled with God’s presence.

      • Sorry for hectically late reply Cindy!
        It been so crazy these past few days.

        I love your testimony. I love how God has equipped you to do the work He has called you to do and how you have refused to listen to the voices saying you have no talent and so on! What a testimony Cindy!! Thank you for sharing that…..There is definitely more to come for you!

        Our Children’s ministry is great! We have about 800 children that attend weekly so as you can imagine, we are a bit busy…haha
        But it’s so much fun. We had a fun day today being Mother’s day.

        i will take a look at your vlogs. I am thinking of starting my own vlog. Any tips I shouls know that you have learned as you have managed the three?

        I am really trusting God to travel to New York. I know I am will visit. God will make a way and when the time comes I will come and visit HopeNYC…..

      • I’m excited for when you do! And that is mind-blowing 800 kids! May God continue to send them lol and a mothers day lesson? That does sounds like alot of fun.

      • The Mother’s lesson was fun. We taught our kids how important mothers are and then we had a store where they could buy something to give to their moms. It was crazy!
        I will be seeing around Cindy.
        God bless you as you keep pouring your life out for the lost. God sees it all, the sacrifices you make on a daily basis…..

      • Wow Awesome & I can imagine lol but it sounds great. Thank You! I really need Him for this. If you can you can subscribe so you will be notified when there’s a new blog and video

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