Singleness and its challanges…..!

“And her [promised] husband, being a just and upright 

man and not willing to expose her publicily and to shame

her, decided to repudiate and dismiss (divorce) her quietly

and secretly.

But as he was thinking this over, behold, an angel of the Lord

appeared to him in a dream, saying, Joseph, descendant of

David, do not be afraid to take Mary [as] your wife, for

that which is conceived in her is of (from, out of) the Holy


Matthew 1:19, 20


I love this passage of scripture. It challenges me so much as

a man. Joseph could of easily exposed Mary. It would of

been okay but he didn’t. He could of made her pay but

instead he decided to put her away quietly, secretly!

He didn’t know she was

pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit and

yet he sought to protect her!! In my eyes, Joseph is

THE man! What he did inspires and encourages me.

I could go and on but that is not why I shared his story

with you.


It’s been quite a week I must say. There have been things that

have happened this week that have made me think about

singleness more than usual.

For the record, I am at peace in my singleness. I decided

some time ago I would wait, really wait! God spoke to me

about how important this season is and if you would like

to read what He showed me then please click here.


Like I said before, this week, actually this past month has

been hectic. It started with a couple I met at a church

social. In short, the husband didn’t understand why I was

still single and actually suggested I wanted to get married

at fifty!! He then proceeded to try and hook me up with

a girl, not a specific girl but any girl. (you should of seen

the look on my face…haha) I was shocked!


That incident rattled me I must admit. I doubted if

I was doing the right thing – waiting!

I doubted if I really heard from God.

Is my head in the clouds?

Does God really have someone for me?

Those are the kind of thoughts I was dealing with.

A lot of people I know have been either getting engaged,

dating, or married. So you can imagine, I was not in a good



It took a long time to get to a place of complete

trust in God for my wife. In the post I linked above I talked

about how I believed God was orchestrating my love story.

I was content with that. I was at peace that God was orchestrating

my love story. He was orchestrating the most amazing story not

because of anything I had done (not on the basis of never sleeping

with any girl or dating) but because He loved me. The reason He

would bless me with a wife was because He is good. All my

efforts to stay “pure” were rags in His eyes! They didn’t impress

Him and He was calling me to trust Him completely. He was

calling me to give Him this area of my life completely and I did.

It had been hard or so I thought, that was until the married

man I told you about said all those things.


After that I doubted everything God had promised me. As

friends were getting married and so on that doubt grew bigger

and bigger.

I even almost considered settling……

It was bad friends……yes, it WAS bad because God renewed

my faith this week. He showed me something in His word

that gave me hope again! I would like to share what He showed


I shared Joseph’s story because there is a truth I want you to



God was the integral part of Joseph and Mary’s union. On his own

Joseph would of left Mary but God intervened. He was involved,

He was directing his path……

There are many more examples in scripture where we see

God directing the affairs of men concerning who they were

to marry!


Remember Isaac and Rebekah. God led Abraham’s servant

right to Rebekah who was the daughter of Bethuel who was

Abraham’s relative (He was either a brother or nephew. I

am not too sure)!!!!

(read Genesis 24)

But this is the point, God was directly involved. He was not

idly sitting by watching Abraham’s servant. He was directing

him in his every step!

When it comes to our lives, that is what

He is doing. He is not idly sitting with crossed fingers hoping

we make the right choices. He is orchestrating things in our

lives but we have to let Him have His way.

And that’s what I did. I renewed my decision to wait on Him.

Things will come and rock my faith but I will keep on trusting.


If you are waiting on God for the person He has for you

know that He  can be trusted. He will not let you down.

People can talk, and let them. Your faith is in God and He

cares deeply for you.

It may seem like nothing is happening and time is going but

God WILL come through.

He is the One who is orchestrating your love story and

what a story He is orchestrating!

He can be trusted!

Blessings to you friends…..




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14 thoughts on “Singleness and its challanges…..!

  1. Hi Rolain,

    I can so relate with your post. Recently, I have just decided to stop looking for love and let God have his way on me. I know that God is the best author of our love stories and He’ll give us someone to unite with us in love in His right time.

    I always go back to Genesis where the first love story happened. It was God who determined that Adam needed a partner, and so He formed another human being to be with Him. God is always thinking of us.

    Yeah, people can talk, and just let them. Certain pressures in the society concerning age and marriage are great, but we shouldn’t let all these hot mess define our relationship status.

    Surely, God cares deeply for us. But in the meantime, let us enjoy the blessings of being single, while we wait for God’s time to come.

    Wishing you blessings and love,

    • Hi Jayson
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts.
      I agree, we need to use all our energy in what God has called to do now, in our singleness.
      It’s a blessing after all…..
      When the time is right God will bring the right women no doubt!
      Like you said, let’s enjoy the season of singleness…..
      Thanks again dude!


    • Could not have said it better! Unfortunately, I have seen several people end up in a relationship that should not have happened because of the pressure received from others. Someone really close to me even had people from church proclaim that a particular person was his wife and they had a tumultuous time during their engagement because they both realized it was not part of God’s plan:(
      Always heed to God’s voice before all the other voices;)

      • Thank you so much for the warning Nena. I will not forget that advise. That has been a point of contention for me consistently-people telling me who they think is God’s chosen one for me. I get frustrated at times when they think they know better or because they have a higher title (pastor, leader)
        But yes, I will wait for God’s voice. It will be definitely worth it. I know that I know, He can be trusted! I am grateful for some really solid advise Nena….God bless you much!


      • You are very wise:) My thoughts and prayers go out to you that you may be able to discern the Lord’s guidance from the rest:)

  2. Hi Rolain, thank you for this inspiring entry. 🙂 You are right, singles should wait for the right time. And that waiting time should be used in serving God. 🙂

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