Guest post – A voice crying through the darkness.

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We currently live in a country where transparency is shunned. The mass outlet of humanity exists within the confines of our masked communities. There’s nothing real in our society anymore. Trust is constantly hanging by the noose of betrayal. Truth is buried underneath a cemetery of lies. What’s honestly real anymore?

Look, I’m only twenty-two years old and I’m already fed up with the society we live in. I’ve been raised in a pastor’s home my entire life, darkened the door of a church every chance I could, and am now studying to be a pastor. For the past four years I have struggled heavily with bouts of depression and anxiety attacks. Would you like to know how often the church has been prepared to help me cope with such things? Not very often. Would you also like to know why I think that is?

It’s because no one wants to be real anymore.

I’m probably making some serious accusations here but am I wrong? Am I really that unjustified? No one knows how to deal with someone else’s problems. We live in an incredibly selfish society that promotes the needs of self over the needs of others.

Seven months ago I started a blog. At the time I hadn’t really grasped an idea of where I wanted to go I just knew that I wanted to write. As my struggle with depression intensified I realized that my suffering was opening a door to helping other people. It was at this time that “Confessions” was born. It’s a simple premise. I write with every ounce of honesty I have regardless of what needs to be said. All that I am trying to do is provide a shelter for the hurting to come and find hope. I’m confessing what’s inside so many of our heads. This world needs a change and the only way I see that happening is by being the change that I want to see.

If you happen upon my site you will find a community of people discussing some of the tougher topics in life. What does it mean to trust God when life is hopeless? What does it mean for the world to be more aware of Mental Health? Did you know that 40,000 people die from suicide each year? Did you know that 350,000,000 people worldwide suffer from depression? Ladies and gentleman, what we are experiencing is a silent epidemic. I fully believe that hope in God is the cure.

I’m fed up with the mental mandate in our society but that doesn’t mean I’m only going to whine about it. My life is committed to speaking for the voiceless. My heart is for giving hope to the hopeless. I am blessed to have been able to experience some sort of control over my depression but others hurt more than I can imagine. I won’t just stand by and let them hurt; I won’t stand by and let you hurt.

My heart is for you because Christ is for you. My heart is for you because this world is not. For as long as I am blessed with the chance to write my heart I will stand for those who don’t have the power to stand. While the world wants to hide behind a façade I’ll be screaming my Confessions – Matthew


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10 thoughts on “Guest post – A voice crying through the darkness.

  1. Most of the people think that Depression and Christianity can no way be acquainted to each other. But I know Christian people who have been struggling with anxiety and depression, they are full-blown Christians. Depression came from genetic make-up plus the environment, blah..blah..blah… But you know, most people think that a Christian should be an all-glowing, happy, thankful person (insert all the positive attributes here)… however, that’s just not always the case, right?
    Now, I am asking, if one is a Christian, would it be possible that he can still be depressed and anxious? I’m curious.

    Thank you for this post. This is such a thought provoking post.

    God bless you always! 🙂

    • Hey Julienne…

      Before I met Matthew, I didn’t have any idea that depression was a major thing among Christians. I knew that people suffered with it but I didn’t think it was that serious. I agree with you that a Christian faces a lot more than just happiness and more happiness 24/7….but there are other things we go through. And that is where we God!

      As a surface level answer to your question I definitely believe a Christian can be depressed and anxious but we must seek help. We can’t walk that journey alone…..

      For a better and deeper answer I would suggest you ask Matthew. I put a link to his blog on the post.He has been through a lot and God has shown him a lot about depression! He would give you a fuller answer…..! 🙂


  2. Beautiful, passionate writing – and I agree! We need to stop using Christian cliches and start being real with one another. There’s a hurting world out there that also needs our authenticity.

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