“I don’t understand”…….

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I went by the field of the slothful, and by the vineyard of the

man void of understanding;

and, lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had

covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was

broken down.  Proverbs 24:30, 31


This is a very familiar passage of scripture. As I read it

something jumped out at me that I didn’t see before. People

who know this scripture talk about it in context of laziness

but there is more.


The lazy man was not just lazy but was void of understanding!

Those two things are not the same.

Look at the effects of not having understanding:


His vineyard was all grown over with thorns

The nettles had covered the face thereof

The stone wall thereof was broken down!


To own a vineyard you had to have some sort of wealth.

This man had wealth. He knew stuff but…..

What happened??

How could he let things just decay like that?

My pastor taught me that

the problem in the world today is not a knowledge problem.

We have a wisdom problem!  And I think that applies here.

In all his “knowing” the man didn’t apply what he knew. He didn’t

pursue understanding! In other words, he didn’t seek to

understand what was going on. He was wealthy but he didn’t seek

to understand how to use it!


I was challenged when I read that scripture. Laziness is deadly

but not having understanding is just as deadly. The man’s walls

were broken down!

We need to make it a goal to get understanding. Don’t settle

for knowledge only but seek understanding!


As I looked at my life after reading this scripture I saw areas

where I was like the man who was void of understanding.

Laziness crept in because he had no understanding!

I asked myself, do I have understanding?

It’s not enough to just know about something? It’s not enough

to have information, because that is all it will ever be, information.

Understanding comes when you apply what you know.


It’s not too late to get understanding. There

is so much going on today. A lot of people don’t have understanding

and it’s destroying them. Their walls are broken down, with thorns

all grown over. We have a chance……


Am I void of understanding or

Am I seeking to understand?


Where are you at?





7 thoughts on ““I don’t understand”…….

  1. Very interesting post! We have so much ‘knowledge’ at our fingertips nowadays that it’s so easy to know but not understand.

    • Yes Robyn…..people are walking around doing stuff without understanding! They don’t understand the seasons and the times they are in. They are clueless! As Christians though, we need to walk in understanding….we need to understand God is moving, we need to understand we are in the end times, we need to understand there is evil…..we need to pray for understanding all the time!
      Thank you Robyn for sharing you point!

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  3. Hey Rolain firstly I love your blog and secondly thank you for this post it really touched me. ” Understanding comes when you apply what you know”! I will forever keep this in my heart!. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!.

    • Hi Claris

      Thank you for visiting kingspeech and actually liking what you read. 😄
      I am really glad to hear you walked away with a word…..It’s great to meet you!


  4. I read this just yesterday, God is speaking to me!
    “His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. John 2.5.

    What matters most to a servant of Christ is to know what God wants him to do, and at what time and by what means. One who serves the Lord has absolutely no need to design his work. One of the characteristics of the New Covenant is that everyone may know God’s will. A servant of Christ may receive in his spirit the revelation of the Holy Spirit, thus discerning clearly what God requires of him. Such knowledge is real; it comes neither from his imagination nor from the encouragement or direction of other people. It is based on the teaching of the letter of the Bible and revealed as God’s command in the deepest recess of his being by the Holy Spirit who dwells in his spirit.” Watchman Nee
    Thanks Rolain.

    • Hi Dennis.
      That is so deep. Thank you for sharing that insight. The understanding we need comes from the word of God as the Holy Spirit reveals it to us! That is so on point….

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