Challenged by a soldier.



Then Jesus turned to the captain and said,

“Go. What you believed could happen has happened.”

At that moment his servant became well.

Matthew 8:13 (MSG)


I read this scripture last night and thought to myself,

Is faith really that simple? Have I made it out to be

complicated, and mysterious?

I was challenged by the Roman centurion’s faith. It was

bold, unwavering…..sure!


Jesus offered to go to his house but the centurion refused!!

If I was in his shoes my answer would be a big yes!

“Off course You can come to my house Jesus……”

But not the centurion! He had so much faith in Jesus that

he knew just a word from the Savior would heal his

servant!!! Can you imagine that? That was bold!



“What you believed could happen has happened. At that

moment his servant became well.”


As I meditated on that verse I looked at my own life.

What am I believing for in my life?

What do I believe can happen in my life?

You may have the same questions and let me tell you,

these are important questions.


The Roman centurion believed Jesus would heal his servant

and he received what he believed.


In my believing, in your believing, are you confident Jesus

will come through for you?


Do I believe I will get what I am believing for, do you?


Like I said, these are important questions and they must be


There are things I am trusting God for and after reading this

scripture I am challenged to hold on to what I believing for

no matter how “impossible” they seem.

God will not let me down. When I put my faith on the line

He will respond, it may take time at times, or He may respond in a

way I am not expecting which is almost always the case but

the fact is this, He will respond when I believe in Him, when

I trust in Him completely and He will most definitely respond

to you.


He is control friends. Don’t be afraid to believe in Him.

He responds when we put our trust in Him and that is a

fact! All glory to Him!




14 thoughts on “Challenged by a soldier.

  1. Amen! I’ve seen miracles myself this week that show God is working behind the scenes. So grateful. I’m glad I only need faith as small as a mustard seed, because I so often doubt…

    • Hi Ali.
      God will work miracles when we believe in Him. I am glad to hear He is working miracles in your life cause I am trusting Him for a few as well……the key is to not doubt!
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend Ali.


  2. Hi Rolain!

    I really appreciated this post. It is so amazing to see the faith of the centurion, and it a personal challenge to strengthen my faith. I liked this question especially: “In my believing, in your believing, are you confident Jesus will come through for you?”
    This is a question I should ask myself every day.

    And I want to confidently answer with “YES!”

    Thank you!

    • You welcome Ariel!! I too was extremely challenged by the centurion. What he believed for he received. May the Lord help us walk in that kind of bold, unwavering faith! God bless you!


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