An interesting road…..!!!



The road of right living bypasses evil;

Watch your step and save your life.

Proverbs 16:17


We are on the road of right living and it’s an

interesting road indeed. The interesting thing

about this road is, it bypasses evil!!!

I don’t think that was a mistake.

As we walk on this interesting road we have

a decision to make:

Keep walking, don’t turn to the left or the right,

look straight ahead or

get distracted by the evil. Stop and allow the evil

to take you off the path!


The warning to us is, “watch your step and save your life!”


As you walk on the road God has for you watch your step.

It bypasses close to evil, within touching distance!

God would not allow us to walk that way if it could destroy us!

One thing is most definite, the road to right living will

not be an easy one…..! Watch your step friends!!!





12 thoughts on “An interesting road…..!!!

    • It actually depicted the right road Sue cause one wrong step and you are gone!!! haha
      Trouble a step away…..!

      The pathway though, is in the top five world’s most dangerous hiking trails….Don’t think I will be going there anytime soon…. 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your day Sue!

    • Hey Professor!
      Long time no hear…..I haven’t visited you in a long time….How goes life on your side of the world?

      If there is anyone who would try something as crazy as that it would be you Professor…haha

      Always testing the limits you are…… 🙂


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