It could of been me…….

I had a busy day yesterday. The school holiday is about to

start which means camps! I went to visit a camp site yesterday

and was quite pumped after viewing it. Our kids will love it there.


But on the way back to work I saw two things……firstly I saw

a mountain bike in the middle of the road! I tell you the truth.

It was in the middle of the road upright and no rider in sight.

What made it weird was the road we were on was deserted.

So to see this bike in upright position in the middle of the

road was something!!!

I thought of taking a picture but the idea came too late.  😦

It was funny and weird, not something you see everyday!


The other thing I saw were kids in school uniform. On our way

to see the camp site we saw kids in uniform but didn’t

take any notice of them but on our way back the driver told

us that these were the same kids we passed as we came. These kids

had to walk about 15 kilometers back home and that means they

had to make the same journey to school.

Everyday they walk an average of 30km!


Instantly, I thanked God for all He had given me. And I thank

Him on a daily basis for His goodness. That got me thinking

though. Why do we have what we have? There are so many

people all over the world who struggle to get a meal a day,

who can’t get basic education, who live on the streets, who don’t

have any clothes and the list goes on.


As I see it,

I could of been born homeless but I wasn’t.

I could of been the child with no family but I have one!

I could of been the one scraping the bins for something,

just something to eat that would take me through the next


I could of been the one freezing with no clothes, having

nothing to keep me warm through the night,

It could of been me…..


This is what I concluded:


God gave me all that I have so I could be a blessing!

He gave me all that I have so I could make a difference in

someone’s life.

I am humbled by all that He has given me and I realize I am

to use it for the advancement of His kingdom. He didn’t give

me all that I have so I could lavish it all on myself.

This is not about condemning those who have but I want

you to realize God has more planned for you that extends

beyond you.

His plan for your life is rarely about you alone, it’s about other

people, touching others. He wants us to spread the love of

Christ to others.

When you think about God’s plan for your life understand

that God wants you to touch others.

It may be as simple as giving a blanket to someone who needs


buying some food for that person on the streets,

giving money to the beggar,

befriending the unpopular kid in school,

telling someone about Christ,

and the list goes on.


Be thankful for what you have. Don’t take it for granted!

This is a hard message! It was not easy writing it. I look

at my life and realize I should be doing more. The story of

the ten talents come to mind. I want to be faithful with the

talents God has given me.

The things I have been through, the experiences I have had,

the testimony I have is part of God’s plan to touch people.

God is so good…..









12 thoughts on “It could of been me…….

  1. Maybe those kids walking was God’s way of making you realize just how blessed you are. 🙂 He’ll do stuff like that. ha ha Have a blessed day Rolain.

  2. Hi Rolain,

    If you live in a third-world country where I am from, this is something you can get used to everyday. It’s heartbreaking and you are very right, it’s an opportunity for us, Christians, to extend the love and grace we receive from God.

    That’s why I love performing random acts of kindness. It does not have to be grand all the time. What matters is the act itself. Small gestures, if rooted from love, can surely make a difference to the lives of its recepients.

    Thank you for this thought-provoking and inspirational message. I think it’s a call for us to act on the faith we profess, by showing love for our neighbors.

    Have a blessed day Rolain.


    • The small acts of kindness do make a difference….I agree with you 100%. May God help us to act on the faith we profess, may He help us understand our calling is really about touching other people! Thanks for your thoughts on this topic Luna…bless you

  3. We all have opportunities to make a difference all around us. Your story reminded me of when I was a nursing assistant in college. I was taking care of an elderly lady who was dying. I had just given her a breakfast and a bath and changed her bed sheets. After putting her back in bed she asked me to come sit by her. I did. She asked me to turn around. I did. She started to rub my back and she said…”You work so hard. Let me do something for you.” I have never forgotten that experience or the lesson.

    • Wow…that is a powerful image of how we are to make a difference. Something that seems so small but shouts out so much more! Thanks for sharing that with me……


  4. Hello Rolain,
    This is such a heart felt post, it instantly made me thankful to God for all the blessings he has so bounteously showered on me. We’re truly blessed. But the sad part is we take these blessings for granted. Your post made me realise this 🙂

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