The arrogance of man….

And Saul built an altar to the Lord;

It was the first altar he built to the

Lord.  1 Samuel 14:35


Saul built an altar to God. It was probably the only

altar he built to God.

Why he built the altar is not really clear but the point

is this, he built an altar.

Saul building that altar almost seems out of context.

In fact, it’s so out of Saul’s norm that the word says,


It was the first altar he built to God.”


Building an altar meant on a very rare

occasion Saul remembered God, he honored God!

It was one of those very rare occasions where

Saul put God first, where Saul stopped to thank


The altar that Saul built tells us a lot about where

his relationship with God was. He didn’t build altars

which meant something.


On the other hand let’s look at David.

Building an altar wasn’t out of context for him.

He built countless altars to God. That also said

something about his relationship with God.

David was a man after God’s heart. God was the

most important thing to him….


David and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:1-5)

David kills Uriah (2 Samuel 11:14-23)

In both these situations David repented to God.

He confessed his sins and asked God to forgive him.

His heart broke because of what he did.


David counts his people (2 Samuel 24:1-9)

After counting the people the word says:

David felt ashamed after he counted the people

and said to the Lord, “I have sinned greatly in

what I did! Lord, I beg you, forgive me for my

sin. I have been very foolish.”

2 Samuel 24:10


Once again David humbled himself before God.

He confessed his sin to God quickly!


David wants to build a house for God.

(2 Samuel 7:1-18)

Even in peace David still sought the Lord.

He never forgot Him!


This is what I am trying to show you,

We need to be like David who built countless

altars to God. He loved God so much. Yes,

he sinned many times but he always turned 

to God. No matter how bad things got he

always turned to God and even in good times

he still turned to thank God!


Saul didn’t put God first a lot of the time.

Some would say he was proud. He believed

he could make it on his own. He was a skilled

warrior who was a “head taller” than everyone

else. (1 Samuel 9:2)

Whatever the case we must aim to be like

David who humbled himself before God.

He never relied on his own strength. Instead,

he relied on God and ALWAYS turned to

God, always……

The goal is not to be David but it’s to take

those things that made his relationship

with God stronger and apply them to

our lives.

The goal is not to discredit or attack

Saul but it’s to look at his life and

learn from his mistakes. We all sin

so attacking Saul would be foolish…


God wants us to put Him first….

Pride will always resist God.

We need to be humble and allow

God to lead us.




7 thoughts on “The arrogance of man….

  1. I loved this post.
    Altars are built for worship and offerings.
    Saul did little of either one. It’s the lesson of his life and by his own admission, he played the fool and erred exceedingly.

    This post reminded me of 2 Tim. 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,

    An old pastor once said that when we read our Bibles we should ask ourselves some questions from 2 Tim 3:16
    Is there a truth here to believe—that’s doctrine
    Is there something here I should be doing better—that’s reproof
    Is there a sin here to stop or to avoid—that’s correction
    Is there something here I should be doing—that’s training in righteousness

    He added that when we study the lives of people whose stories God included in the Bible we should be looking for their successes and failures of faith. Those are the divine signposts given to guide us as we journey on our pilgrimage through this life.

    Have a beautiful weekend friend!

    • Hi Kelly
      Thank you so much for sharing the points the old pastor shared. They help a lot and I will keep them in mind as I read God’s word too…..!
      I really like what you said about divine sign posts. We have so much to learn from the word of God….The men and women in the bible went through so much. Things we could learn from and grow from. Thank you again Kelly!

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    • That is a great question to meditate on Ali…
      I will take some time to think about that too.
      As I reflect on the question I realize I need to take the answers more seriously. Thanks Ali…..

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