Remember God today!

And when, in time to come, your son asks you, what does this


You shall say to him, by strength of hand the Lord brought us out

from Egypt, from the house of bondage and bondmen.

Exodus 13:14


And it shall be as a reminder upon your hand or as frontlets

between your eyes, for by a strong hand the Lord brought

us out of Egypt.

Exodus 13:16


Out of all the miracles God performed this is the most talked about.

God has constantly reminded His people to remember what He did

at the Red Sea.

God delivered His people in a mighty way!

His people were called to remember what He did and He told them

to tell their kids. It is clear God didn’t want His people to forget.

The Red Sea moment was a reference point for the Israelite’s!

When they lost hope they would remember what God did for their

ancestors at the Red Sea, and in Egypt! We too are His people and

He is calling us to not forget!

How important is it to remember?

To answer that I would like to share something a friend shared

with me a few days ago,


“God is the God of the impossible.

Reasoning your way out of an impossible situation

is not as effective as reminding your way out of it! – Unknown


That stopped me cold in my tracks. How many times I have

tried to reason myself out of a situation. The more effective

way is to remember our way out of it!

That brings me so much peace right now because as I began

to think on it some more I realized God wants us to remember

the great things He has done for us. I believe

we all have our “Red Sea moments” that we can look back to for

strength! Don’t forget those times the Lord came through for

you! Those are the things He wants you to remember. He

performed those miracles so you could remember them when

your faith was been attacked!

As I think back on my life I see the small and the big things

God did for me and I know those are the “Red Sea moments”

God wants me to always remember!

When I am in doubt, when my faith is weak that is when I

need to remember!


Fight to remember! Write down what God did for you. Tell

people what God did for you!

When the storms come remember what you wrote. God’s

miracles in your life are not just for you but for your kids.

They are to be a testimony for generations to come!

How great it would be if your great great great kids could

talk about how God came through for you! How amazing it

would be if they used God’s miracles in your life as a reference

point for their own lives!


Last year is long gone but we are still here because God is with us!

He kept us with care! His hand is on us and we must make sure

we don’t forget!

Fight to remember the miracles, fight to remember the goodness

of God in your life. He is so good!


10 thoughts on “Remember God today!

    • Thank you for that point Sue!
      I totally agree with you. I like to think God is so big that He doesn’t do the same thing twice! 😄
      I think you have mentioned something important. It’s important to remember God but expecting Him to come through the same way He did before is actually putting Him in a box! God is big, His ways are much higher than ours and His thoughts much higher than ours so we need to remember Him and use that to strengthen our faith to expect Him to move in which ever way He pleases!!
      The way He moved last year will not be the same way He moves this year but He will move! Thanks for bringing that to light Sue!!


    • Thank you Sue!! 😊
      You are right. Time and time again God has proven Himself……He is always with us! The thing to do is remember all the good things! It’s something to work on! God bless you Sue….
      God is so good…..😃
      May we always remember!


  1. “Fight to remember his goodness” – I love this! Such a proactive response to God’s goodness. Satan wants us to forget and lose faith, but God wants us to remember His provisions through each generation. Great word Rolain!

    • Thank you Ali…..

      “Satan wants us to forget and lose faith”.

      I couldn’t have put it any better myself…..😀

      May we never forget all the good things He has done for us….God bless you!

  2. Great post! There are times when I’ll read past journal entries and be reminded once again of something God did in my life. He works in my life even now, but it’s also amazing to realize how many times He’s been there. Thanks for the encouragement to remember, to have faith, and to pass it on 🙂

    • Isn’t it something when God does a work in our lives? Like you said, He has been there for us so many times, more times we can bring to count!
      It seems like you are already doing your part to remember! 😃
      Thank you Lauren! Have a great week….


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