Why “perfect” doesn’t work with God……!

In the past two weeks I have been feeling inadequate, not enough, useless, for the purpose God has for me. A door of opportunity has opened up for me but instead of proudly walking through it I have had doubts and more doubts! I have second guessed my ability and come up with a conclusion:

I am not the right person for the job. I am unequipped and unqualified for this. 

But as I had that thought I was reminded of Jesus and the disciples! Jesus had chosen them, entrusted them with the job of spreading the good news after He was gone! They would be His hands and feet, they were to be His voice! They had some VERY big shoes to fill….

These are the men Jesus called:

– They couldn’t stay up and pray with Jesus in His most trying time!  Matthew 26:45

– They fled and abandoned Him when He needed them the most. Matthew 26:56

– Peter denied Him.  Matthew 26:74, 75

– They struggled to understand what Jesus was saying a lot of the time! Matthew 15:16

– They couldn’t cast out a demon because they lacked faith.                 Mark 9: 17, 18, 19

– They fought among themselves.   Luke 22:24


This is what Jesus had to work with. These men who had so many faults, these men who let Him down so much, these are the men who turned the world upside down for Jesus. They gave their all for Him! These were the men Jesus commissioned to spread the good news! Despite their flaws Jesus used them and He still does the same thing today!

God knows your faults, your weaknesses, your failings, but He has CHOSEN YOU!

Don’t think He has made a mistake because He hasn’t!

Whatever your weakenesses know that He wants to use you! Will you let Him use you??

Don’t believe the lie that God can’t use you because you are not perfect! We are far from perfect but God can still use us!

As you can see, my fears and anxieties were very irrational. After having those feelings I realised something, God wants me to trust Him every step of the way. He knew I wasn’t qualified but He wanted me to trust Him to guide me.

I have a sneaking feeling this won’t be the last time He calls me to something out of my depth! My purpose is way out of my depth not because He is mean but because He wants me to trust Him. If I can accomplish my purpose in my own strength how would God be glorified?

God’s calling is always bigger than you, it is always out of your depth! With all your faults and short comings He wants you to trust Him! He has an amazing plan for your life…..!




9 thoughts on “Why “perfect” doesn’t work with God……!

  1. You nailed it Rolain. Christ asks that we trust Him and be obedient to His call. He didn’t say we would have all the answers or know-how. So, did you step out in faith and do what He called you to do? Bet you did. 🙂 How’d it turn out?

    • I have stepped out to answer the call….Only time will tell but after what you said I know that God is faithful. Answers or no answers I will step out!! Thank you Sue. Will keep you posted how it goes! 😀


  2. I think He always calls us into areas that are out of our abilities. This is where we get to have faith in him that he will use us for His purpose. Great post! I bet God called you to walk through this new door for a reason that would only amaze you.

  3. One of the greatest things about God is that He chooses the least qualified and smallest among us. I have been learning about Saul and David and it was about the heart more than anything. He loves a willing heart! Blessings!

    • Thank you…..Its about the heart! So true. If I don’t believe He is with me then I have got it wrong! David trusted God in his heart…..! I totally agree…..God bless you! 😃


  4. Rolain, great post. And so applicable to all of us. Would you allow me to point you to 2 game changing sermons in this vein that (I think will absolutely bless your socks off?)

    John Bevere: ” Breaking The Spirit of Intimidation” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc6OVn5TBUA

    Alister Begg’s Lecture: “Inadequacy: The Surprising Secret to Being Useful to God”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9wFLMl2-_I

    Hope you’re able to hear them. I’ve gone back to them time and again 🙂

    HIS Best!

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