What do you believe about prayer?

How does God answer prayers? Is there a formula, a to-do list we have to follow? Well, a friend was speaking to me about prayer and this is what he had to say:

Throughout the Bible, God told His people to do something first before he answered their prayers. 

– God told Moses to strike the rock, and then water would come.

– The prophet told the widow to bake him a cake first. She believed God’s promise through the prophet and was kept alive through the famine.

– Before Jesus could raise Lazarus from the dead, He tested the their faith first, He told the mourners to first roll away the stone, then because of their obedience He brought Lazarus back to life. 

– Jesus told the blind man to go wash in the Pool of Siloam, then he would receive his sight.

– He told the ten lepers to go show themselves to the priests. When they showed their faith by obeying and heading in that direction, only then did God do the miracle. As they went, they were healed. 


I thought what he said was very interesting. You may not have an answer to prayer because He wants you to take the first step? As I read what he was sharing, things started popping up that I know God would want me to do first. Not that He is unable to perform a miracle because He is capable.

With that said, I don’t think God expects us to do everything. He wants to see our faith in Him in the first step we take! Do you trust Him, then step out? Have you prayed and not received an answer? Maybe you need to take the first step, in faith that He has heard you!


18 thoughts on “What do you believe about prayer?

  1. Very interesting thought on prayer that you have shared. Your friend made some valid points. Also, we could look at the woman with the issue of blood who pressed her way through the crowd to touch Jesus garment hem. Jesus told her that her faith has made her whole and the same with the Centurion whose servant lay sick. He called his faith great. It is faith that moves the hand of God. One could say that the lepers faith is what brought about the healing. They believed Jesus although they hadn’t seen the manifestation and went.

    Either way we do have a part to play in receiving from God. God blesses in many ways so we have to stay open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as to what brings us our victories. Jesus did say, anything you ask of the father in my name that it would be done and when you pray believe you receive and you shall have it.
    Great thought you shared. Hugs Valarie.

    • Hi Valarie!
      Thank you for that major input!! The woman with the issue of blood is another great example as well as the centurion with the sick servant!!
      With al, that has been shared it is very clear we need to step out when we pray. Prayer on its own intends to be accompanied by action! May God show us the things we are supposed to do when we pray.
      Thank you again for your comment. You brought some good points too…..! 😄

  2. Great post Rolain! Sometimes we think saying that we have faith will cause a thing to come to pass. But faith without works is dead! When we move out on faith God will never leave us hanging, He will always show up…

    Be A Blessing!


    • So true LaTrice! Faith without works is not faith! We just need to be sensitive to what God wants us do to in certain situations. Maybe pray, or encourage someone, bless someone with a gift and so on……and like you said, when we step out in faith God will never leave us hanging! Thank you for that…..

    • Thank you Sue….I guess the next question would be, what is our part? What does faith in action look like? Does God expect us to do a lot before He moves? When does He decide when we have done enough before He acts???

      • Hi Rolain: To me it sounds like you’re making our relationship with God; faith, obedience, etc. sound complicated and for me it isn’t. It boils down to obedience and the Lord is with us each step of obeying. He’s “moving” in whatever we’re doing- be it teaching us something, in our waiting, or whatever. If we’re in sink with Him we’re doing what He wants. I think you thinketh to much. lol We’ll never be able to analize God.

      • It was never my intension to make this walk we are on seem more complicated because like you rightly said, it’s not. I will try not to over analyze the things God does….obedience is the main thing.

  3. I’ve been sitting with this post, with these words. I have many thoughts and comments, but this is what I will share-

    I hope you know that God is using you to minister to so many people. Know that, in spite of the questions you may have regarding where He is leading you, that you are doing what He has called you to do, which is love Him and to feed His sheep.

    So if those moments come when you feel unsure or even discouraged, remember that there are people who are being blessed by the words you share. Keep doing what you are doing; He is using you.


    • Hi Lia!
      I was not expecting that. Your words really ministered to me! Thank you so much for your words……I am amazed. God bless you for your words which have come at the right time, a time when I needed to hear them! Thank you again. As you have watered may He water you!

  4. I think obedience is the key. When we obey, our potentials flourish. Just a thought.
    Actually, this entry is good to ponder. Sometimes, I also have the same questions…
    Thanks Rolain for your mumbling and thoughts shared to us. 🙂

  5. The one of important things about prayer is knowing His heart so we can pray according His will, not us. And good news about prayer is “God is so good and loves us then He will give to us, not merely our needs but also what our hearts want”. How good our God 🙂 amen.
    Thanks has wrote about prayer. God bless you

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