Three hours later……

Why do people not see how powerful their words are? Three hours have passed and I am still struggling with the words that were spoken to me by a pastor friend. He may have thought he was being sincere but his words reached their target. No matter who you are words hurt. You may be a seasoned Christian or the hulk but the fact remains, words hurt. I think I am a very confident person with a healthy self esteem but his words broke through all of that!

If your words are not going to build, encourage, inspire, and bring out the best in someone then don’t say it. Why would you say something you know will hurt someone? If you know it’s going to hurt them then don’t say it. Let us honor people by the way we speak to them. You may think you are being real and being realistic but you are simply hurting them. Yes people need to hear the truth and yes they need to be confronted but we need wisdom in how we speak to them!

As I conclude remember, no matter who you are words hurt.



15 thoughts on “Three hours later……

  1. I agree. Words hurt whether they are from strangers or from people close to us. Confrontation and talking about hard things is important, but how you say something is just as important as what you say. We must always speak out of a place of kindness and love. May God help us all guard our mouths so that we only use it to be a blessing to others!

    • Thanks Anna.
      As the body we need to see our words are just not words. Whether we are speaking over our city and nation or speaking to people our words will have an impact.
      Our words can affect a city and our words can impact a person. And just like we are responsible for the words we speak over our city and nation we are accountable for the words we speak over each other……for those that know this we need His help to talk in a way that brings glory to God…
      Have a great day!!!

  2. I agree completely about the power of our words…not just in hurting people bu t in shaping and molding our own lives. God used His words to speak everything into existence and each time Jesus would tell us to SPEAK to our mountains in faith. Words are def something I am careful with. Thank you for this reminder 🙂

  3. Rolain, God really convicted me, almost a year ago, about how I was speaking to my prodigal son. He asked me to find at least one thing every day to say to him that would encourage and not tear down. What a blessing has occurrd from my doing so. Through my dilligence to following God’s lead in this matter, my son’s heart has been restored to mine! What I learned is that we do need to be so careful with our words. They can hurt, in ways we never imagine. They can also bring bountiful blessings, if they are words of encouragement and love! Thanks

  4. So sorry about this, R. I hope you are well past it. We remember that pastors are human, a most disappointing (and sore) truth. But that is why GOD is so great. Both man and God cannot be great at the same time, in the same seat.


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