I have forgotten God…..!

Young women don’t forget their jewelry, do they? 

Brides don’t show up without their veils, do they? 

But my people forget me.

Day after day after day they never give me a thought. Jeremiah 2:32

I read this scripture today and I was so convicted. In this chapter God was speaking

to Israel and it is easy to think those words only applied to them but that is not true.

I too have forgotten God!! How so you may be asking???


I forget God every time I spend countless hours on Facebook instead of spending time with Him, 

I forget God when I choose to watch a movie instead of spending time with Him, 

I forget God when I don’t deliberately take the time to worship Him during the week, 

I forget Him when I choose to do everything else but spend time with Him!!!


Facebook, talking to friends and being on a phone are not bad in themselves. They become bad when they become the MAIN things and GOD and His word come second!! God wants to be first and EXPECTS to be first in my life and anything else that takes His place is an idol……!!!

Please forgive me for forgetting You Lord. You are THE most important thing in my life, not the second most important thing but the MOST  important thing! Help me to NEVER forget You all of my days……..Amen





4 thoughts on “I have forgotten God…..!

  1. This is such a convicting post Rolain, and one that’s important for all of us to be reminded of. It’s so easy to allow God to slip into the background of our lives instead of to be in the center of it. It hurts when we feel forgotten by God (although we never are) and I can only imagine how much it hurts God when we waste time on things (that are not bad themselves) but they take away precious time that we could be spending with Him. Thank you for the priority check! Hope you have a blessed day!

    • So the goal and desire is to make Him first ALL the time and never let Him slip to the background! May God help us Anna as we desire to make Him first every single day, hour, minute, and second…..
      I have to admit there is so much to distract me from making Him first all the time!
      I realize I am guilty of this everyday but the goal is to persevere and strive to make Him first as much as I can………is that right?

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