Was he properly honored??

I was shocked when I heard the news of Robin Williams death. He was such an amazing actor and he really impacted a lot of people. I loved a lot of his movies. As I thought about how great an actor he was I had another thought. Did he know the kind of impact he made in people’s lives? Did he know how many people loved him and appreciated him? It seems human instinct to honor people when they die but is that right? How great would it have been if he was alive to read and hear all that had been said about him today!

Honoring people when they are dead is too late. Honor them today. Don’t wait till they die. It would really honor them if you honored them while they were still alive. That is the way it’s meant to be. It’s great that Robin Williams is being honored today for all his work but how much greater would it have been if he was honored like that while he was still alive?!

This post is not about why we are not honoring actors enough. I want people to realize they don’t have to wait till people die  to honor them, no! Let us honor and appreciate the people who are in our lives today.

Rest in peace Robin Williams.


11 thoughts on “Was he properly honored??

  1. This is true Rolain but another aspect of this is that even though we honor some while living, if their oppression/depression is really bad they aren’t always emotionally able to receive the love. That doesn’t mean we don’t give it.

    • True Sue. We must honor even if they don’t expect it or are not able to receive it! It will be a blessing if we just do it. This should be a lifestyle. Let us not wait till they die for us to realize how important they were to us.
      God bless you Sue.

    • Thank you Deborah… It should be a lifestyle. A lifestyle of honoring the people in our lives. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture all the time. Doing small things to show them we are thankful for all the work they do can go a long way……

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