He didn’t understand surrender…….!



What does it mean to really surrender? I am interested to know how God sees surrender. Let us look at a story of the young rich man who came to Jesus. His story will help us see surrender the way God sees it. As you know the rich young man came and asked Jesus what he should so to get eternal life (Matthew 19:16) We read in a later verse that the young man had kept all the things Jesus had suggested. We will pick up the story from there:


“The young man said, I’ve done all that. What’s left?

If you want to give it all you’ve got, Jesus replied, go sell your possessions; give everything to the poor. All your wealth will then be in heaven. Then come follow me.”

That was the last thing the young man expected to hear. And so, crestfallen, he walked away. He was holding on tight to a lot of things, and he couldn’t bear to let go. Matthew 19: 20


The young man had followed the commandments unwaveringly and to some extent he may have thought it was enough. But it wasn’t. He may of thought he could hold on to those other things because he was following the commandments. He thought tithing, going to church, praying, fasting, listening to Christian music, and reading the bible was enough, He thought that was sacrifice and it is but it was not enough. The word says,

That was the last thing the young man expected to hear. And so, crestfallen, he walked away. He was holding on tight to a lot of things, and he couldn’t bear to let go. Matthew 19:22

What are you holding on to tightly? The young man couldn’t BEAR to let things go! He held on really tight but real surrender is being able to let those things go. I read this scripture a few days ago and instantly things came up, things that I had been holding onto tightly. I brought those things to God and asked Him to help me let go, I want to really surrender. God wants everything! Partial surrender is not surrender at all. He wants our all……! Will you surrender….??


7 thoughts on “He didn’t understand surrender…….!

    • From all the things you have mentioned and the things I have written it’s clear that surrender is not something that’s easily done!!! We need the help of God and we need time. It’s going to be a lifelong process….
      Thanks Sue….

  1. And now I am also thinking, what do I still need to surrender? Hmmm… nice thing to think.
    Surrendering is a hard thing to do. Yes, it is and will always be. I think, we need to do it one by one… I agree with Sue C., that it isn’t just the physical things we need to surrender but also our inner self.
    God bless you always Rolain. And thank you for making me think things. Haha 🙂

    • It’s always good to make people think Julienne!! haha
      Your post today really made me think! 😉
      Like I said to Sue, I am beginning to see how serious surrender is. We can’t do it in our own strength and we cannot do it in a day. We really need His grace….
      Thanks Julienne

  2. Hi,what about those who have a hard time surrendering to God,what about those who absaloutely do not know what they need to let go off and have a hard time in there spiritual life and they keep on making the same mistakes and now have no hope inside

    • Hi Vannyah
      He knows our lives are a continuous act of surrender but He is gracious towards us because He knows we are weak. He knows at times, we simply are not ready to surrender …..He is patient with us. I have been a christian for a long time bu there are things I am only discovering now that I need to surrender. God has been patient with me when I was blind to that unsurrendered thing. He never abandoned me.
      So friend, God is patient. He is working on you a bit at a time. He is patient through the continous mistakes we make and are going to make. There is hope for you friend. God is with you no matter what…..He will not abandon you!
      I hope that answers your question.


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