Will you be that friend??






And her [promised] husband Joseph, being a just and upright man and not willing to expose her publicly and to shame and disgrace her, decided to repudiate and dismiss (divorce) her quietly and secretly.    Matthew 1:19

This is such an inspirational verse and it is one of my favorite scriptures. As I read the scripture this time round relationships came to mind.
In verse 18 we see that Mary was found with child through the power of the Holy Spirit but Joseph didn’t know that. It normal circumstances it meant Mary would be stoned to death. Was Joseph hurt? It could be possible. He had every right to be angry at her and tell everyone what she did but he didn’t……
Instead, he protected her, he covered her. Men, we need to learn to have that same mindset. We need to protect the women in our lives. We need to cover them. But I don’t want to just talk to the men. Let us look at this passage in the context of friends. As friends we need to be there for one another. The word says Joseph was NOT willing to expose her publicly! We need to cover our friends and not expose their faults for the whole world to see. If you see something not adding up in their life then you have a right to confront them but in a way that builds them up.

When you are confronting them or rebuking them do it with the mindset Joseph had. He didn’t want to expose Mary publicly even though it seemed like she slept with another man.
He didn’t want to disgrace and shame her. I would dare to say that his relationship with her was far more important than the “sin” he thought she committed.
Our friends need our support and love. They need us to be transparent and real. They want us to have their back. Will you be that friend?


6 thoughts on “Will you be that friend??

  1. Thank you for unpacking Joseph’s response for us in this way – I had never considered it quite like this, and it’s so true. He could’ve responded in so many ways, but he chose to protect her… You make a good point when you say:
    “I would dare to say that his relationship with her was far more important than the “sin” he thought she committed.”
    I agree that this is the approach we need to take with all people. The relationship must always be more important than the rebuke – and if that is needed, it must be done in love… Thanks again for the wisdom, Rolain!

    • Thanks Ali…..I really really love this passage. It’s a great reminder to me. A reminder to always protect the people close to me. Relationships are one of the most precious gifts God has given us and we can’t afford to take them lightly! Thank you for your comment…

  2. Deep thoughts, Rolian (which is among the reasons why I love your blog)! I think that when the “going get’s tough” is when we’re really able to see our true friends. I know in my life that has been the case with several people. I lost a lot of friends when “plan b” came around. But at the same time, I was able to keep some friends and make those friendships so much stronger. I think that’s what Joseph did for Mary. He took the higher road and was that true friend and future spouse that everyone needs. Great thoughts, as always! 🙂 ~Sam

    • Thanks Sam. I am glad you enjoyed it. You mentioned something very important. It’s very hard when friends leave our lives. It’s one of the things I constantly deal with. So with the friends we have now we do all we can to be the best friends we can be to them. Thanks for sharing that Sam. 🙂

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