A story about a kite, love and wisdom!!!


This is a story about a kite. A kite is born to fly. A kite was not made to be grounded. But a kite cannot fly without the string attached to it.

A kite may wonder why it has a string attached to it. At times it feels like the string is holding it down. It could fly much higher without it. But we know the truth. Without the string the kite would crash. Without the string attached to it the kite would not be able to take off in the first place. The kite is nothing without the string. The two go hand in hand.

This story is really about how we are supposed to use wisdom in our relationships. The kite symbolizes love. We were created to love. When you see her or you see him love arises. In a relationship emotions run high and that is natural but to make a relationship work love will not be enough. You need wisdom. Wisdom is the string attached to the kite. It is wisdom that keeps love in check. Without the “string” the “kite” would crash. It’s OK to fall in love. It’s OK to feel the emotion of love but it needs something more, wisdom. A lot of relationships have failed because people have let emotions guide them.
Men, when getting into a relationship don’t let emotion be the only thing that guides you. Use wisdom. Emotions will come, strong emotions! And that’s great…..it’s natural!
Just remember to use wisdom as well. Ladies, use wisdom as well. Don’t get carried away in the emotion but ask God for wisdom. Let wisdom guide your relationship as well.
And that is the story about a kite, love and wisdom…..    🙂

10 thoughts on “A story about a kite, love and wisdom!!!

  1. The kite and freedom string work well as a metaphor.
    Twice divorced, Uncle Tree knows — love is not enough.

    Good post, Rolain! Good luck staying airborne and secure simultaneously ~

    • Thank you for that. I wonder a lot about some of the stuff I share hoping it is sound and solid. I am glad to hear it is. My desire is to be the husband God wants me to be to my wife when I meet her!

  2. This really made me think. I think for me, the Word of God is the wisdom. I don’t trust my emotions because they are too easily influenced by my sinful flesh. But if one stays connected to the Word of God (the string :-)) they will be secure!

    • And that is it Karen…!! Yes we need wisdom when in a relationship but if that wisdom is not from God then we are still in trouble. Allowing God to lead us in our relationships according to His word real wisdom. I would have it no other way!
      Thanks for sharing your insight. That’s great.


  3. Amen! As wonderful as feelings are in relationships they should never be the ones to dictate how the relationship will go. Wisdom from God is a must because sometimes those emotions leave us blinded to things that may not be good for us in that relationship in the future. Great post!

    • Thanks Anna. I like what you said about emotions blinding us. That is so true. Emotions can blind us from what’s really happening. May we allow the wisdom of God to lead us with emotion! Thanks……

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