The “Gifts” God gives us…..!

I don’t know where to start and I don’t know how to begin this post. All I can say is that the word “gift” has

taken a whole new meaning for me. A few months ago I found out my friend, was leaving the country for good! We were first friends, then he became my boss, then pastor, then mentor, then family!

My world turned upside down that day. I had people leave before and it was painful but this, this was a whole new level.

My pastor’s wife called me and sat me down as she told me the news. I was devastated and confused. Why God I asked?

This can’t be happening I thought. I had known my mentor’s family for over 10 years! I knew them when they

had their first son. They have four boys now and I love them to bits.  Anyway I remember going to God and

crying out to Him for answers to the question why. Nothing came. Instead revelation came……


God showed me how they were gifts from Him. I met my mentor when I had just met The Lord. I am a sinner

now but back then I was much worse. If there is a word worse than sinner I was it. I was truly lost. I had no

direction and no plan. I had crazy issues I was beginning to work out. I had just became a Christian and this new

life was still…! I was dealing with a lot of things. I had no confidence and I had no self esteem. When he

employed me a year after meeting him I stole money from him! It was that bad. I WAS that bad! But thank God he never fired me or called the police. He gave me a second chance…….


I didn’t trust anyone back then and when he tried to help me out I would think he had some evil intension! When he disciplined me at work I would take it personally. When he made a joke about me I would get extremely angry. My stuttering was so bad back then which didn’t really help things! So believe me when I say, things were bad back then, really bad!!!

But God used him and his wife to mold me into who God wanted me to be. They taught me so much. They stood by

me when I had family issues. They helped me out financially countless times. They sat down and taught me so much

about God and life. In one of the darkest times in my life they were there.


God showed me how that was not an accident.

He knew all the change that needed to happen in me. He saw all I was going through and because of that He sent them

into my life. They were gifts. We serve a God who is the giver of gifts but the mistake we make is thinking gifts come in the form of money only. That’s not true. God’s gifts are so much more than money. They are deeper than that. During that time I never thought of them as gifts. We had our good times together and we had hard and difficult times.


The fact of the matter is this. God sent me gifts in the form of my mentor and his family. I just didn’t know it at the time and I never gave them the honor they rightly deserved. I wish I never took them for granted. I wish I honored them more and thanked them more for all they had done for me. I can’t put into words all that they did for me. A lot of who I am is because of their input in my life.

They saw so much potential in me and stood by me patiently. They are my family. I am telling you all this because….

…….they left on Wednesday this week! It’s been a hard week I must admit. They had my back. But in the midst of the pain God showed me how He will bring other “gifts” into my life after all; those “gifts” came from Him. He is the giver of all gifts. My mentor and his family never willed or planned to do all they did for me. God was behind it all. My mentor never knew the kind of impact he would have in my life but God did because He planned it. God was behind it all……

Yes, I am sad and broken at them leaving but I am also at peace because God has some amazing “gifts” in store for me.

I pray I be a “gift” to someone else as well. Would God use me to be the kind of “gift” my mentor was to me……


Have you acknowledged the “gifts” God has put in your life? There is a reason He has placed them in your life.

Don’t take them for granted. Thank them for all they are doing for you. It is not easy for them. There is always a

sacrifice on their part. May we always appreciate the “gifts” God has given us, always!



* This post is dedicated to the Stewart family. *

The Stewart family!

The Stewart family!



14 thoughts on “The “Gifts” God gives us…..!

  1. Dear brother Rolain..
    What a beautiful story of you. And you know what.. you are already become a “gift” to others through your story:) Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Blessings.

  2. Thank you for sharing this refreshing post. God truly has blessed us all with gifts to use for His glory. Your “mentor” family did His will, expecting nothing in return. They move on confidently knowing you are exactly where the Lord wants you and equipping you to be the very best you can be – willing and able to share your God-given gifts with others. Many more blessings to you!

  3. Oh Rolain, that must be really hard. Praying God would comfort you as you farewell the Stewarts. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate what we have. And to remember the giver of all good gifts is always close by. And he will continue to provide. Lean on him.

    • Thanks Ali.
      God is the giver of all gifts and I have peace because of that. If He brought such amazing ‘gifts’ into my life what will stop Him from doing the same thing now, nothing!

      And it’s all ready beginning…..

      Appreciate the support Ali…


  4. i really want to say that i know how your felling. But i don’t! Only GOD who knows your heart and your feeling right now. And GOD cares about you more than you realize. GOD knows what HE did exactly. GOD is never wrong. And one thing…. I believe… strongly believe… You are a “gift” to someone else as well. Maybe you haven’t know yet, or maybe no need to know. But everyone who loving GOD, surely be a “bless” and “gift” for someone else. Keep moving and growing in GOD day by day, brother… JESUS BE WITH YOU minute by minute. I love you ((hugs))

    • Sella…..
      Thank you for your BEAUTIFUL words! 🙂
      They are really uplifting! I appreciate them so so much.
      I like the point you made, if you love God you are a ‘gift” to someone else! Great point…..I thank God for bringing friends like you into my life. You are a blessing to me…..
      I love you.


  5. It is so inspiring to read your story and to see how much God has worked in your life! He truly has a plan for all of us and it is amazing to see how Jesus Christ can use others to completely turn our lives around. Wow. He gives us so many chances to turn to Him! Thank you for using your gifts to bless the lives of others! 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren!
      It is amazing how God works. How He can bring people in your life to fill a specific space in your life where you are lacking…They are in a way an expression of His presence in our lives! I love it…..! Thanks again.


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