The enemy’s goal for you….

When Saul and his troops heard the Philistines challenge, they were terrified and lost all hope. 

1 Samuel 17:11


Each morning and evening for forty days, Goliath took his stand and made his speech. 

1 Samuel 17:16


As I read this during my quiet time God spoke to me. This is what the enemy does. His goal is to terrify us and make us lose hope. Without hope we are truly lost. When we are terrified we are crippled unable to stand and fight! God cannot work with people who are controlled with fear. He wants to break the fear off our lives. I am one of those people. One of those people who is fighting fear. I know God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!


Look at what the enemy does once the Israelite army is terrified and have lost hope.


Each morning and evening for forty days, Goliath took his stand and made his speech.”


The enemy is not content with terrifying you for a day. He wants you terrified as long as he can! He doesn’t want you to ever live with hope. He wants you to constantly live in fear, terrified! He is crazy…..! He will do all he can to discourage you, tear you down, destroy your dreams. He will do anything. Morning and evening for forty days! It’s crazy to think that would work but it did.

Look at the kind of effect it had.


“While they were talking together, the Philistine champion, Goliath of Gath, stepped out from the front lines of the Philistines, and gave his usual challenge. David heard him.

The Israelites to a man, fell back the moment they saw the giant – totally frightened.”

1 Samuel 17:23, 24


You would think the army would get tired of the same old challenge. But the fact is, they didn’t. We look at them and wonder how they could be so scared but the fear was real for them. Goliath was a giant! I would freak out if I saw a giant. Goliath was not only a giant but a trained one, ready for battle!


When I read the story everything made sense. There is something I am about to do but I have been attacked with fear. What if I fail, what if I heard God wrong, a lot of people are saying don’t do it but this is something I believe God wants me to do. These are the things I am constantly struggling with in my head. But I know the reason now. The enemy wants me to lose ALL hope! He wants me terrified, so terrified that I disobey God, so terrified, that I am not effective.


The armies of Israel dressed for battle everyday for 40 days only to cower away in fear. They were not fighting, just fearing and out of hope!

That is what the enemy wants for you. Has fear crippled you? Have you lost all hope in God because that is what happened?! They lost hope in God. The enemy succeeded.

We can’t let the enemy win. God has so much for us to do. He wants us to win. He wants us to hope in Him. He wants us to trust in Him.




12 thoughts on “The enemy’s goal for you….

  1. Every time I read this section of 1 Samuel I wonder why no one but David saw the situation for what it was?
    God opens our eyes to see our enemy clearly and know that he has no real power, just threats and intimidation.
    And when my eyes are opened, hope floods my heart.
    Thanks Rolain.

    • Kelly, thanks for that. That is a great point! Once we see the enemy for who he really is, defeated and powerless things change. David killed Goliath because he saw the enemy differently! He was not afraid and instead stepped out and trusted God to do the impossible! Thank you sharing that important point Kelly….. 🙂
      God bless

  2. And love casts out all fear. Listen to His voice. He will never leave you or forsake you. If He has given you a task, He will equip you. He is the strength in your weakness.

  3. There is something I am about to do but I have been attacked with fear. What if I fail, what if I heard God wrong…
    I can relate to the fear part! When things look bigger than us and seems like more than we can handle, fear and doubt set in. I just do it afraid and the fear will subside.
    Thanks for posting. Perfected love cast out fear because fear has torment and I can afford to be tormented or let fear push love out! Hugs! Valarie

    • I like that Valarie! Feel the fear and do it. Thanks for the encouragement. God in His grace is helping me, giving me the boldness I need. Will let you know when I start doing what it is God has told me to do. The time is drawing closer for me to start doing it…..

  4. Very Encouraging Rolain, thanks. May we always keep our eyes fixed on Him and walk in the victory that He has already won for us. Thanks for the reminder. It is so good to have family in God to spur us on. Blessings.

  5. Thanks so much for this Rolain – such truth here… I am fighting this very battle at the moment… Gripped by fear but pushing through, putting all my faith in Jesus that he will lead me. What you wrote here is so true:
    “He (Satan) will do all he can to discourage you, tear you down, destroy your dreams. He will do anything.”
    Praying that you also would fight for what you believe God has put on your heart to do, Even though the world around you may doubt, stay strong in the vision God has given you. Seek his wisdom alone, his strength, and his grace. And the enemy is under your feet. He is all roar but with no power to bite. Only Jesus has the power.

  6. Thanks Ali for the words of encouragement! I will keep on holding on and I will trust Him. The enemy is all roar and no bite…..That is a great statement. I think he likes me to think he has bite but you are right. It’s all false. He doesn’t have the last say! He doesn’t have the power. I will stay strong in the vision He has given me and I will seek His grace!

    I pray God gives you the strength that you need to push on in whatever you trusting God for.
    And He is leading you Ali. He is leading you in wisdom and power, His power! Keep fighting……the victory is yours!
    God bless


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