Why we have been blessed……

Everything that we have – right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start –  comes from God by way of Jesus Christ.                              1 Corinthians 1: 30, 31 (Message)

I love this scripture. Everything we have is from God. We have so much to thank Him for. As I was thinking about this scripture another thought came into my head. Why?
Why has He given me right thinking?
Why has He given me right living?
Why has He cleaned my slate?
And why has He given me a fresh start?
Yes, it’s to bless me. God has blessed me and He keeps on blessing me. And yes, it’s because He loves me. No one can deny that. But something I went through made me look at this scripture very differently.
We had a busy day at work and being the designated driver I had to take the staff home. I thought it would be easy so I agreed. We cleaned up and locked everything up and with one of my best friends off we went to drop the staff off at home, at their doorstep. We left work at 10 pm and finished at 2 am! We were lost for a full hour. How did you get lost you might be thinking??? Some of the workers live in a place where there are no roads, we nearly got stuck with the car. No street lights, no nothing! We were truly driving by faith and thank God we saw someone walking around at that time of night whom we asked for directions. They helped a bit. We got to the workers home and it was literally a mud hut. There were no neighbourhoods, no lights, nothing. Just pitch darkness!  This was their home. This is were they lived. This was their life.
Where am I going with this? I am getting there. God has given me so much. It might not be a million dollars or an MTV crib but it’s still precious. He has given me knowledge, He has given me the ability to see in a way other people cannot, why? And this is what I am getting at. God has given me all that He has given me so I can be a blessing! My destiny, your destiny is not about you but it’s about other people, helping other people.
What is your story? He has given you a fresh start so you can minister to someone else. There are people waiting for you, waiting to hear what you have to say, waiting for you to show them the way. God has given you everything so He can bless you and so you can be a blessing to someone else! It may not be much but that’s how God works. He uses the little we have to do great things through us. God bless.

9 thoughts on “Why we have been blessed……

  1. Oh! This is so true! Often we wonder, “why”. “Why is this happening to me?” “Why do I have to go through this?” “Why?”. I’ve learned that is it through the “why times” that we really grow…and like you said, we see people through new eyes. AND, we usually learn WHAT God wants from us. Thanks!

    • You brought up a good point. It’s through the “why” times that we grow! That really resonates in me. I have been in a season where all I have been asking is why? But God is growing me…You should consider writing a post on that!! 🙂
      On “why”….

  2. This one simple word always flows in our mind….why? God has given us everything …He blessed us! So why can’t we help anyone who is in need ! Helping doesn’t mean only financial helping. But which we have and which we can give to others! Emotional physical mental…any help! God use us to comfort others, I hope Lord continue to use us for His glory! You’re very kind and a caring person! Thank you for this post friend! God bless!

    • You are so right. Help doesn’t just mean giving financial assistance. It’s so much more. That is so important to know.
      Thank you for your kind words….


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