What is God’s will for my Life????

God created each and everyone of us for a purpose. He made no mistakes when He created us. But there are a lot of people who don’t know what their purpose is on the earth. What is God’s will for my life, is one of the most asked questions among Christians. You see, everything around us speaks to us about destiny. If there is one thing you cannot deny is the fact that, everything on this earth has a purpose! For example, let us take a look at  a butter knife. It is a knife but it was made for a specific purpose. It was made so it could be used to spread butter on bread. You cannot use it to cut wood. It was not made for that.

The butcher knife on the other hand was made to cut harder things. Does it make it better than the butter knife, no! It makes it different. Each has a different function. What am I trying to get at, you might be wondering? My goal is to show you that everything is made with a purpose and that goes for us. What is our purpose?


To find out what our purpose is we need to look to the Word of God. There is so much in there for us. Let us look at a familiar passage of scripture which says,

  New American Standard Bible 
“The people whom I formed for Myself Will declare My praise.  Isaiah 43:21

We were created with the sole purpose of worshiping God!!! God created you and me to worship Him. You were specifically made to do that. Everything else comes after that. Yes, you are a doctor, lawyer, athlete, pilot, governor, and so on but God created you to worship Him!!! Our purpose is to worship God in the place He has called us to be in. David was a king and a warrior but he was a worshiper! King David says in Psalm 119:164 –  New International Version
Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. 

He understood he was created to praise God. The Word says, the people I formed for myself WILL….not might, or if they feel like but WILL!!! It is a command and not a suggestion. God doesn’t command us to do things just for the sake of being difficult but because He knows there is a blessing. Will you answer to the challenge? Will you answer the call to live a life of worship. We were created to worship God! As you do that everything else will fall into place.


4 thoughts on “What is God’s will for my Life????

  1. Great words Rolain!
    It’s a great thought that He says we WILL praise Him and that are gifts are to be used as worship – not just in ordinary ways. I love this.

  2. I liked your analogy of the butter knife and the butcher knife. I usually don’t ever want to make a negative comment, especially on a blog as excellent as yours; however, my experience with God has been that He is not the egotist you seem to portray. We each stand in a different but equal place in our walk with our Lord. I hope you are not offended by my comment.

  3. Hi..
    I am not offended at all….! I understand that people will not agree with everything I write and guess that is one challenge a writer will always face….The goal is to come to a place where we can both leave understanding each other’s point of view. I know I don’t have all the answers but I am keen on learning and growing whatever way I can.

    So concerning my post, I am trying to make a point that we created to worship God. That is how we were created so if you don’t worship God you will worship something else. So why spend time worshipping other things when we can worship God and God knows this. The word is full of benefits for those who worship God. I will go through scripture to find them for you. A lot of people don’t understand they were created to praise God and that is what I was highlighting…..
    Please could you expound on your comment.

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